Now I’m on Youtube. What have I gotten myself into?

I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. When my buddy Tig Carson asked me to do a nerdy video series with him, the idea excited me because doing nerdy stuff with friends is always a good time.

Tig is the curator of Nerd Out With Me (follow them on Facebook here, and Twitter and all that jazz), and the author of A Space Story, a Hitchhiker’s Guide-esque science fiction adventure. I have fun talking about geek stuff with him. The idea of a video series sounded like fun, too. We’d talk about old toys and cartoons from our youth and whatever. It would be a good way to spend an afternoon.

Then we set up a spot and filmed some material as a test.

Then he accidentally posted the first test videos live, and people saw them.

And oops, suddenly we’re doing this thing for real. Like, for real real.


Oh man. What the hell have I done?



I can’t believe I let myself get talked into this shit.

The show is called Hours in the Attic, and will have several types of segments (such as Show & Tell and Mystery Box, as you can see above).

And no doubt I will rue the day I allowed this to happen.


  1. Tim Granda

    Damn, I thought I was the only one with that LOTR cassette box set. Cool stuff.

  2. John Miętus

    I assume you used forced perspective to make you look as large as your friend.

  3. Keith Howell

    I think I know some videos you need to share

  4. Zaki Hasan


  5. Ryan Freeman

    Liked and subscribed!

  6. Eric San Juan

    This is a nightmare. But thanks for watching, you fools! And there is (sigh) more to come …

    1. Patrick LaMorte

      I resemble that remark!

    2. Eric San Juan

      That you do. All too well.

  7. Rick Lundeen

    FWIW, I think the sexual chemistry between you and Tig is palpable.

  8. Daniel Feeney

    Liked and subscribed ?

  9. Eric San Juan

    Thanks, y’all. I’d say prying Chris away from a peanut butter jar is one of my great accomplishments, so I’ll consider this a small life victory. Appreciate the support, even if it means you have to look at my goofy ass.

  10. Chris Campagna

    Smeared in peanut butter?

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