Non-Negotiable: Top 5 Qualities Employers Want In The Office

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Changing career or finding a new job is never easy. After dozens of applications, you may only get one or two callbacks. And, the pressure on making an excellent first impression is huge. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the tension and make the process easier. All you have to do is show an employer you have a selection of the following.


Knowledge seems like a prerequisite for any position, but you’d be surprised. Thanks to the college culture, lots of applicants are book smart yet lack common sense. This is a massive problem for employers that need people who can think on their feet. Hence, the search for intelligence is one they take seriously. The trick is to show that you have real-world experience as well as being academically inclined. Qualifications are fantastic but they only go so far in the workplace.


One thing which employers won’t allow is a lack of experience. Again, the college culture doesn’t help modern job seekers because it provides minimal hands-on experience. Businesses need to see this on a resume because it puts their mind at ease. Not only does it show that you can do the job, but it also means spending less money on training and support. If the course doesn’t offer it, try and get out into the working world and volunteer. You won’t get paid, yet the gamble will pay off in the long-term.

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Firstly, a strong resume gets you past the application stage and into the building. Your qualifications may do nothing once you are inside yet they still play a major role in the process. Also, don’t forget that due to the number of applicants, businesses can take their pick of candidates. Therefore, there are credentials, such as a degree, which are non-negotiable. Secondly, it marks you out as a multifaceted employee. An online engineering MBA degree may not have a direct link, but bosses love it nonetheless. Why? It’s because the company has a range of skills to tackle unforeseen circumstances.

Not Afraid To Fail

With the videos of screaming bosses online, you would think management hate failure. And, they do because it costs them money and lowers the firm’s reputation. However, the people who aren’t scared to make mistakes are the ones who add to the office. The reason is two-fold. For starters, risk takers are creative and come up with the original and engaging material. Secondly, a savvy employee learns from his or her mistakes and becomes a stronger worker.


Businesses don’t want to pay people more when they get promoted yet have no choice. Employees are ambitious and will bounce if they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Bosses actually love this trait because it takes the responsibility off their shoulders. People with drive always take on new challenges and roll up their sleeves when the company needs help. Sure, it’s for their gain, but it helps the business when they work at weekends or head multiple projects.

If you have all of the above, rejection will become a thing of the past.