A new record of ambiance for your sleeping pleasure

If you follow my music blog/archive you may have already seen this, but if not, here is an experiment in sleepy, late-night music I recorded a few months ago but have only just gotten around to tossing out there for people to hear.

This album is guitar-free and vocal-free. It’s a sparse record of simple piano, canyon echo drums, cavern bass, and other sounds. Very slow. Methodical. Lots of empty space on this one. Put it on late at night and fall asleep, or early in the morning before you’re ready for music or talk radio. The tracks all flow into one another, so it presents itself as one long piece.

(song titles are download links)


Tape Theory
Day of Turmoil, Night of Regret

1) Start of a Day (6:27)
2) Impending Failure (12:12)
3) Weight of Night (8:37)
4) Healing Dawn (8:55)
5) Fog Rolls Off the Mind (6:31)
6) Waiting for a Hopeful Night (6:20)
7) The Sound of Regret (7:49)
8) Generational Patterns (10:05)

This was recorded in FL Studio 9. The cover photo was taken at Cattus Island Park in Toms River, NJ. Others notes here. All songs (c) Eric San Juan 2011.