New challenges = hooray!

When it comes to writing, I like facing new challenges. Trying something I’ve never tried before. Figuring out how to put the pieces together and make it work. It’s exciting. It’s thrilling. Sometimes I’ll just invent some challenge to overcome, for no other reason than it seems like fun.

Right now I’m facing an enjoyable challenge. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m putting together an anthology of comic stories. Not comic as in funny, comic as in illustrated fiction.

The challenge of taking these plots, pacing them out so they work in a mere eight pages, working with the artists, scripting the stories, getting the balance of elements right … It’s a thrill. When stuff clicks and it all falls into place, it’s like those rare moments when you’ve written a line that gets you giddy with excitement because it actually came out of your pen (or pencil, or keyboard, or crayon). I feel like we’re doing something really cool here.

This is the reason why I write.

We’ve got 13 stories, I believe, stories that span many genres and styles. A western. A coming of age story. Science fiction. A swashbuckling adventure. Superheros. Gritty crime fiction. A dozen talented artists are bringing them to life. Looking for a summer release in a nice graphic novel volume.

I can’t wait.