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A career in health can be a very rewarding one both in terms of your individual salary and the ability it gives you to help other people. Of course, there are many different health-based careers in many different industries because human health encompasses so many different things. Perhaps you know that you want a job which allows you to heal people or help them on the road to recovery, but you’re not exactly sure of the specific career you want. You could help people in a physical capacity or a mental capacity, for example. You could help them in a hospital ward or a school counselor’s office. If you need some inspiration for a career in health then here are a few ideas.

Ambulance driver.

It might not sound quite as glamorous as the idea of being a doctor on a busy hospital floor, but every medical role in every medical field is important. At the end of the day, ambulance drivers are helping to save lives. You’re responsible for transporting patients safely from the scene of an incident to a hospital, clinic, or any medical location for treatment. If you don’t have the academic qualifications or credentials necessary to provide technical care for patients then you can still make a difference in the healthcare industry. You could even look into job roles on an international air ambulance if you want a more demanding transportation-based role. The point is that a career in emergency healthcare provides the opportunity for you to save lives in critical response situations, and that’s very important.


This is obviously one of the most common careers that comes to mind when you think of the healthcare industry, but that’s because it’s one of the most important job roles in any medical field. Being a nurse is incredibly demanding, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. You’ll experience ups and downs as you see patients with all manner of medical problems on a wide spectrum, but the value of getting to help people in such an environment can’t be understated. It’s a career for somebody who can handle the strain of working in a fast-paced environment if it means that they get to help others. The salary in this kind of profession might not be as good as other healthcare careers out there, but it’s certainly a rewarding job in itself.


Let’s finish this article by talking about a very different type of health career. A huge amount of the population deals with hearing loss to some extent. It’s a big health issue, and that means a career in this industry can be incredibly rewarding. As an audiologist, you’d have the opportunity to treat people with hearing disorders and other related issues. It’s rewarding to have the ability to treat people with impaired hearing or even balance issues related to vertigo. Helping patients and their families to heal is a precious thing no matter the industry in which you work, but the ability to hear is something we all consider fundamental to a happy life.

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