My new book comes out soon…

… so that’s kind of cool.

The follow-up to A Year of Hitchcock is due out in, damn, just a few weeks! Called Hitchcock’s Villains: Murders, Maniacs and Mother Issues, this collaboration with Jim McDevitt is a full exploration of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest villains, what makes them tick, the themes that drive the darkness in his movies, and of Hitchcock’s own psyche.

Hitchcock's VillainsI think it’s pretty great.

This will be my fifth book, collaborative or otherwise, with a sixth hopefully coming out next year in ebook form via the Philadelphia Weekly. (That project is still up in the air.)

The project has actually been in gestation for some time now, practically since A Year of Hitchcock was finished. Basking in the glow of finishing such a big project, Jim and I came up with other ideas. The villains idea seemed promising, so we created a full book proposal to send to publishers … and promptly put it in a drawer for the next several years, since we (or I, as I’m speaking only for myself) were temporarily burned out on Hitchcock.

Last summer, we revisited the idea. Our publisher liked it. And this book is the result.

Interestingly, Jim and I briefly batted around the idea of getting to this project right here on this blog (check the comments). Six months later, we actually got to it.

I guess I was supposed to be talking about this all along, but there was
life to be lived and all, and self-promotion sucks, so I haven’t until now. Blogging is a pain in the ass. But huzzah! Now I have talked about it.