My eye is bleeding

(Instead of reading this, you might want to look at pictures or listen to “music” instead.)

My left eye is bleeding. Same spot, always. I’ve been dealing with this on and off for months. I think it’s eye strain. I spend too much time in front of a computer monitor.

Thing is, how do I not spend time in front of a monitor? My job involves sitting in front of a monitor. Writing involves sitting in front of a monitor. These days, even creating music involves sitting in front of a monitor. Heck, a lot of my goofing off time involves sitting in front of a monitor!

Maybe I need glasses. I was supposed to have them in high school, but decided not to get them.

Ahh well, such is life.

On Sunday, Jim and I recorded for what will be the first batch of shows in our Year of Hitchcock podcast. We’re talking weekly shows following a similar structure to the book, but not always covering the same territory. We want you to experience BOTH, after all. The show will be available via an RSS feed, most common Podcast subscription avenues, and should be available on iTunes. The plan is to run for a year, but I suspect we’ll go longer than that, with shows centering not just on Hitchcock’s films, but on the great superstars who worked with him and more.

Jim, whaddya say? Do a show just on Cary Grant? Or Grace Kelly? You know you want to.

This was a lousy blog post. It really was. Sorry about that.