Tape Theory

Sitting, Sitting, Story Fades (2016)


titles & downloads forthcoming

NOTES – Actually created circa 1997 / 1998, this music has been sitting on hard drives for ages. It was largely created with cut up samples of computer sounds stitched together to form a kind of tripped out New Age soundscape. My first ever experiments with digital manipulation of music, actually. Finally getting around to collecting it and putting it in front of people now.


Day of Turmoil, Night of Regrets (2011)


1) Start of a Day (6:27)
2) Impending Failure (12:12)
3) Weight of Night (8:37)
4) Healing Dawn (8:55)
5) Fog Rolls Off the Mind (6:31)
6) Waiting for a Hopeful Night (6:20)
7) The Sound of Regret (7:49)
8) Generational Patterns (10:05)

NOTES — Fall to sleep.


Grasshopper (2009)


01 – New Voices (1:12)
02 – Man Watches Dreams Fall To Pieces (8:28)
03 – The New Ambient Work (2:18)
04 – Central To The Question (13:46)
05 – Voices of the Women Feeding on Prey Outside My Window (1:54)
06 – Saved The Red One For Last (5:04)
07 – Questions To The Central (5:52)
08 – Needless Things (3:37)
09 – Avoiding Social Interaction (10:56)
10 – Letters From John (5:08)
11 – Many Fine Chefs Don’t Participate In My Plans (5:18)
12 – Taking Drinks At The Last Hour (2:22)

NOTES – A last gasp of ambiance based purely on the cover image. Cover image source unknown. Album is basic loops, sampled voices, repetition, tedium.


Granda Chasing the Dreams of Child: Music Inspired by the Hobbies of Tim Granda (2008)


1) Belly Tucks In His Short And Rides (0:40)
2) An Amazing Technicolor Invention (2:45)
3) I Bought This Camo Guitar. Now What? (1:20)
4) Reading Makes Me Feel Like Dying (4:02)
5) Fireworks At Two A.M. And Other Good Plans (2:00)
6) Head Clouds (1:48)
7) Mountainside, Winch, Rain, Rain, Japanese Waitress (3:49)

NOTES — A brief 16-minute bit o’ music inspired by a good friend. I wouldn’t say the music represents what I like to do, but it all seemed to fit a theme. Just instrumental ideas tossed out real quick like, as they came to me. Recorded under the name “Tape Theory,” ala Felix Scraping the Tone Machines of God. Created in FL Studio 6.


Felix Scraping The Tone Machines of God: Music Inspired By the Sleep Disorders of John Felix (2006)


1) Christhead Upon John’s Ruptured Bowel (8:44)
2) Jars of Blood and Industrial Fans (7:27)
3) They Were Born With An Incurable Bone Marrow Disease (4:51)
4) Felix Scraping The Tone Machines Of God (12:36)
5) Crippled Woman Knocks Down Small Child At Theme Park (5:38)

NOTES –“very reminiscent of techno/industrial mish-mash from the early 90s… i had to play another mp3 just to make sure there wasn’t something funky going on with my soundcard…”

“I’m sure there’s a reason that people listen to music like that, but the only one I can think of is if you want to drive yourself insane. It also sounds like bugs.”

Actual quotes. I agree with them.

This was an impromptu recording inspired by a fellow named John Felix. He’s got this thing where he needs the sound of whirring fans and all sorts of clanging noise to fall asleep, so I decided to create some “lullabies” for him, with the intent of it sounding like an underwater factory or something. Created in FL Studio 6. Wealth of samples most of which I can’t remember. Recorded under the name “Tape Theory,” which I took from a lengthy instrumental song I still haven’t played for anyone.