Slumbersigh was a jam noise chord-strumming rock drone thing from the late 1990s. Formed overnight, played shows in Asbury Park, recorded in a quick blast then left, Slumbersigh has been on indefinite hiatus ever since. Slumbersigh was Eric San Juan (guitars, noise), Matthew Dingus (bass), with help from James Boland (drums) and Chris Gunderud (guitars). Slumbersigh hopes to record again one day.

On Alien Ground (1998)


1) Dawn (10:32)
2) Leslie’s Dream (13:08)
3) The Transition (3:46)
4) The Bogs parts 1 & 2 (28:32)
5) Bert Cottrell (8:44)

The first official Slumbersigh recording. Recorded at various studios and live in Asbury Park. Chris Gunderud appears on “The Transition.” I’d offer the whole album for download, but the “Bert Cottrell” files are badly corrupted. Maye some day, when I can be bothered transferring the masters from four-track. Recorded largely in a rehearsal studio in Toms River, NJ. Leslie’s Dream and The Bogs parts 1 & 2 recorded on TASCAM Porta 7 with bedroom overdubs. Dawn and The Transition recorded on handheld cassette recorder, overdubbed on Porta 7. Bert Cottrell recorded April 5, 1998 at The Saint, Asbury Park, New Jersey, overdubbed on Porta 7. James Boland, drums, all tracks. Chris Gunderud, additional guitars on The Transition.


Leslie’s Dream & The Saint (1998)


1) Leslie’s Dream (alternate take) (28:10)
2) The Saint 4-28-98 (23:06)

Track one is a take of Leslie’s Dream that went for so long, the tape ran out just as we were transitioning to another song. The Saint is a full, 23-minute blast recorded at The Saint in Asbury Park, April 28, 1998. Chris Gunderud on second guitar. Handed out on CD to friends and members of the band. The live performance made me realize (too late) how much awesomeness Chris contributed to the Slumbersigh sound.