Modern Technology in Your Bathroom – Four Cool Ideas to Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level

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A study on real estate trends all over the world shows a quick shift towards smart homes. People want the convenience of an automation system; they want to control their security, lights, blinds, and temperature from their phones. Who can fault them?

However, in the craze, one part of the home seems to be forgotten – the bathroom – which is funny because it is a room that you use every day. Of course, you make any bathroom look sleek and modern quite easily with the help of frameless shower doors and nice shiny faucets, but making a bathroom a smart bathroom makes it much more convenient for everyone using it. The luxury design combined with innovative technology is sure to work well for everyone. If you are a homeowner, you can consider hiring a bathrooms renovation service to modernise the place. For starters, advancements like touchless technology or programmable features in the shower allow you convenience.

What’s more, you get to have a more energy efficient bathroom with features such as preheated water and pausing the flow after the water hits the temperature you prefer. Simply put, a modern bathroom will allow you quality features, convenience and water, and energy saving features. Therefore when about to renovate, consider the following technologies:

Smart lighting

You can make your bathroom safer and more energy efficient using smart lighting. What the contractor does is install sensor lights in the bath space. The smart lighting solutions help to prevent the unnecessary use of electricity. That way, the next time you forget to switch off the lights, they go off. What’s more, you will no longer have to keep stumbling into doors the next time you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. You can ask for a nightlight feature that will illuminate the room gently without jolting you awake.

High-tech faucets

Many people think ‘infra-red’ when they hear of high-tech faucets. However, that is not all there is to it. Besides the infrared sensor, you can have electronic timers on your taps for example. With the timer, you can set how it operates during tasks like brushing your teeth. The tap runs for a few seconds as you wet your brush, and then shuts down until you decide to resume and rinse your mouth. You end up saving on the water bills.

Ventilation technology

If your bathroom is not well ventilated, it could easily be a breeding ground for mold since it is almost always wet. There are technological solutions to meet the need for excellent ventilation. The bathroom fan, for example, activates when the bathroom reaches specific humidity and works until the temperature and humidity are back under control.

The smart toilet

Smart toilets have gained a lot of attention for office buildings. However, they can come in handy in your home. A bathrooms renovation service can install the toilet with automatic lids, for example. That way, you no longer have to remind the kids to put the top back down. Other features are such as the sensor flush, Bluetooth compatibility, and heated seats. In fact, you can even have an air dryer or a self-deodorizing system; the choices are limitless.

How a bathroom renovation company can help

The bathroom is generally a small space and therefore needs a smart design to make the most out of it. While it is easy to imagine having different types of technology in the bathroom, it takes a professional to balance where they go, how they work and how your bathroom looks in the end. A bathrooms renovation service will look at your bathroom before an upgrade and consider your requirements. They will then come up with drawings to help you have a rough idea of what your bathroom will look like.

They are also well equipped to advise on what technologies might work best for the kind of goal you want to achieve. That said if you want to revamp your bathroom with the latest technology available, speak to your local bathroom renovation specialist.