Mixing up the Alfred Hitchcock podcast

alfredhitchcockIn case you aren’t aware, I co-host and produce a weekly podcast devoted to the films of Alfred Hitchcock. It’s a fun, more casual extension of the book I co-authored with my friend Jim McDevitt, A Year of Hitchcock: 52 Weeks with the Master of Suspense.

For this week’s episode (mp3 format) we tried something a little different. Instead of discussing one of Hitchcock’s films, we took a listener question and used that as a launching point to just … well, talk. It was an enjoyable change of pace and we hope people like it, because if they do, we’ll be doing more like this. After spending so many days of my life on the “Year of Hitchcock” project, it was great to just talk Hitchcock for fun.

If you’re not listening, it’s easy to start. You can hit up the official podcast blog, get your RSS feed going at this Feedburner link, search for “Alfred Hitchcock” in the podcast category on iTunes, download them directly from our website, or follow them on Facebook with this handy link.

In the meantime, between editing these shows I’m putting the finishing touched on my comic anthology, which I hope to send to print next week. In the next few days I plan to give folks the biggest preview yet featuring some great art. Nine stories of comic goodness, all written by yours truly. Also writing new songs, but that will take a big longer to share with people.

Off for the weekend …


  1. Jay Matthews

    I subscribe to the podcast and enjoy the banter even when I haven't seen the movie. You guys should consider an ongoing pop culture podcast of some sort if you run out of Hitchcock films.

  2. admin

    Thanks, Jay, I'm glad to hear that. I enjoy *providing* the banter, and to be frank, wouldn't mind breaking away from the strictness of the film-a-week format. Glad to hear someone wouldn't mind.

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