Mindfulness: Just A Fad Or Something We Should All Be Doing?

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Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword these days, and it’s likely it’s something you’ve heard about before. Many people simply zone out when they hear or see the word somewhere, as they believe that it’s nothing more than a fad and that eventually, it’s going to fade out.

While health fads do come and go all the time, there’s evidence to suggest that mindfulness is so much more than that. Below, we’re going to discuss mindfulness, what it can do for you, and how you can get started. Take a look and see if you fancy changing your life in this way!


What Can Mindfulness Do For You?

First of all, we’re going to talk about what mindfulness can do for you. Below we have a helpful bullet point list outlining just a few of the benefits you could enjoy when you make an effort to be more mindful day to day. Take a look:

  • Help you to sleep better – being more mindful is thought to help people sleep better.
  • Enjoy every day and moment to the fullest – as you’re being mindful most of the time, you’re able to enjoy each day to the fullest without letting life pass you by.
  • Live a higher quality of life – a higher quality of life can be enjoyed at all stages with mindfulness.
  • Feel less stressed every day – stress is a huge issue for all kinds of people, but mindfulness can really put things into perspective and lessen those feelings.
  • Improve physical illness – improving physical illness is also a possibility, as you’re more present you’re less likely to do things that could get you hurt or cause you harm. It can even lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, and more.
  • Improve mental illness – depression, anxiety, eating disorders, conflict, self harm, and more can actually be improved greatly by practicing mindfulness.

How Can You Start Practicing Mindfulness?

As there are clearly so many benefits of mindfulness, it will help you to know how to begin:

Start Meditating Each Day

Meditating can sound intimidating, but there are all kinds of resources out there that can help you. For example, you could use a YouTube video or even download the Headspace app.

Be Present In Every Activity

Try to be present in every activity you do, whether you’re walking the dog, working, or washing the dishes. If you’re not present, it’s all too easy to daydream and hurt yourself. You could have an accident on your motorcycle, fall over at work, or do something else to compromise your safety and health.

Start Paying More Attention To All Of Your Senses

Pay attention to your senses; what can you smell, hear, and touch in different environments?

Notice Your Emotions, Feel Them, But Allow Them To Pass

It’s important you don’t attempt to push down or block out your emotions. You shouldn’t dwell in them either, however. Start noticing your emotions, feels them, but make sure you also allow them to pass when the time is right. This is a skill and can take time to master.