Messy Gardens Might End Up Messing Your Life

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You really shouldn’t ignore any issue about your home. It’s only going to come back and bite you in the rear at the end. However, one problem that gets ignored more than most is a messy garden. If you have a messy garden, you might get tired just thinking about it. But an overgrown garden brings with it a lot of problems that are hard to ignore. Here are some of the reasons you should worry about the mess out back and reasons you should get the old lawnmower and clippers out.

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Obviously, you won’t enjoy your garden

When you have a mess on your hands that you’re not dealing with, you’re more inclined to avoid it. But that’s a great shame. Gardens can be the perfect place to relax on a nice day, to have a meal outside, or to even invite some company around. Making a garden worth spending more time in can mean that you essentially get a whole other room to use in the home. Especially if you add decking or a patio that means there’s more liveable space for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Spending time in the garden can have real health benefits, too, particularly in helping homeowners fight stress.

Say goodbye to your home value

If you don’t want to spend time in your home, then you can only imagine that others are going to feel the same way. If you’re looking to sell your home, an overgrown garden won’t just turn away parties that might otherwise be interested. You’ll actually see a decrease in the home’s value. Gardens growing where they should can’t cause permanent damage, too. Moss and algae on the house wall can be a lot harder to get rid of than the effort it would take to simply keep the garden in check. The same goes for a rotting shed or wooden fence. If a buyer looks at the house and sees those, it gives them an idea that the home is dilapidated and not likely in good condition.

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It might invite unwanted guests

Pests are a big problem for many people. They don’t all come from the garden but a lot of them do. The more the garden oversteps its boundaries and its debris moves closer to the home, then the more risk you are at getting creepy-crawlies in the home. They use the garden as cover and then get in. But you can be dealing with problems much bigger than ants and spiders if you don’t tidy your garden. Big, overgrown gardens with a lot of rotting vegetation also attract rats. Then your garden becomes a problem not only affecting you but causing a real inconvenience and danger to your neighbours, too.

Garden debris gets everywhere

Twigs, sticks, leaves, and all sorts of garden clutter very easily get blown around. This might give you a lot to tidy off your pathways, but it can actually do some more insidious damage as well. In particular, a lot of garden clutter ends up in the guttering of the home. It congeals there with muck that creates a horrible smelling concoction that’s also really difficult to get out. This clogs the gutters, leading to real risks of things like water damage and damp in the home. If you’re dealing with difficult gutters, then check out and make sure that it’s fully cleaned out. Otherwise, you might be dealing with serious damage to any wood or exposed foundation of the home as well as interior leaks.

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Watch those allergens

Air quality is another important factor of a healthy home life. The damp and mould caused by clogged gutters aren’t going to be good for that air quality. But the overgrown garden can also present another danger. Hay fever isn’t the only danger of letting pollen and other allergens in the garden run free. If anyone in the family has respiratory conditions like asthma, it can exacerbate it. Beyond tidying your garden, you can make it a lot safer by following the advice at and turning it into a low-allergen zone. So long as you have natural materials in your yard, of course, allergens will be a risk worth considering. But taking control of the garden can drastically reduce how serious that risk is.

It can endanger your pets

If you have a pet, there’s a good chance that you let them outdoors most days. When you let them outside, it’s likely the garden you let them into. An overgrown garden can do plenty to endanger them beyond inviting rats and other kinds of nasty pests. For one, overgrown gardens often conceal and contribute to rotted away fencing that can give your pet ample opportunity to get out, endangering them and perhaps others. But you have to consider the numerous species of flowers and plants that are also toxic to cats and dogs. Without you keeping it in check, your garden could be growing things like yellow dock and Creeping Charlie. Dogs can also be very fond of eating dandelions which aren’t overtly dangerous to them. However, they are a diuretic so too many can upset the balance in your dog’s stomach.

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It can hurt your kids

If you have children they might not be as concerned about a messy garden as you are. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a danger for them. Overgrown gardens attract things like wasps and nettles that can hurt them or even put them in real danger if they’re exposed to too much. A messy garden also provides many more tripping hazards when they’re out there playing. If you have kids, then using the guide at to make it safe for your kids is highly recommended. Otherwise, it can be full of hazards.

A healthy garden makes for a healthy home, a cleaner home and more security for the family (and family pets). Most of all, you get a garden that’s actually worth spending time in. Those are reason enough for anyone to conquer that messy backyard.

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