Make Your Garden More Than Just A Pretty Space!

Contributed Post

There’s nothing nicer than being able to look at out a beautifully maintained garden. Rows upon rows of flowers all organised by colour, a lawn trimmed with such precision that you could measure it with a ruler. But is that all a garden is ever meant to be, just something pretty to look at? Of course not! In fact, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to get a whole lot more out of your garden. Of course, this does mean that you’re going to have to put a bit of extra effort in but if that’s something you’re willing to do, here are some ways to get more from your garden.

Grow something useful

One of the strangest things about so many people’s back gardens is that they seem to have forgotten that you can actually grow useful things in it. Sure, a well-kept lawn is great, and flowers are incredibly pretty. But why not try your hand at growing some fruit or vegetables. Plenty of vegetable plants are pretty hardy and don’t need that much care and attention to grow properly. You could even plant things like avocado trees too! They’re incredibly easy to maintain, offer plenty of shade to the rest of your garden, and, of course, fresh avocados!

Give it a theme!

If you want your garden to be a little more exciting then why not give it a theme? Instead of just thinking about how you can make it as neat and organised as possible, be creative with it. You could theme it by colour, by plant type. Heck, you could even theme it after your favourite book with ornaments and plants taken from books like Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter! Sure, that might sound a little silly, but there are few things better for making you feel just that hint of magic than turning your garden into something straight out of a fairy tale.

Create areas for playing in

If you have kids, then you know the value of having a space that’s not just nice to look at but nice to actually spend time in as well. Make sure that you create a space where kids can play, run around, get muddy, and just generally behave like kids! Sure, there will be parts of your garden that you’ll want to keep neat and tidy, but if you allow them to have a space that they can go wild in, it’s pretty likely that the other areas of your garden are going to be just fine!

The reality of your garden is that it’s just like any other space in your home. The key is for you to use it in as creative and interesting a way as possible. Don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on it and make it reflective of your personality. After all, if every home looked exactly the same then that would be incredibly boring, so why should all gardens look the same?