Make Your Garden a Man Cave

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A garden is often seen as a feminine refuge, full of dainty flowers, a place to relax and spend some civilised hours catching some rays. It doesn’t have to be a feminine paradise, it can easily be turned into a man cave, with all the luxuries and benefits that man caves come with. Whether you want a little patch of land to relax with friends, somewhere that is a place of your own, or simply want to do up your house to be the ultimate pad, you can do this by starting with your garden. Gardens are such an unutilized space, and there is so much potential to make it a great place to hang out, and somewhere to entertain people too. Read on for some great ideas about how to turn your garden into the ultimate man cave.



Every man cave has some comfy furniture for you and your friends to hang out. The aim is to be comfy, and don’t have anything that you wouldn’t mind getting a bit stained. Some second hand garden furniture would do the trick, and can easily be arranged or packed away when you need it. Alternatively, you can always move out an old sofa into the garden for the ultimate man pad. A sofa is much more comfortable, and would be great if you lived in a dry area which would mean less moving it about. You could even try some blow up furniture, which would be great to put by a pool in summertime too. Having somewhere you can relax and unwind, and somewhere to sit or lay down, is the best place to start when it comes to your outdoor man cave.


No man pad is complete without somewhere to cook some food to share with friends and family. As the heart of the garden, it’s worth investing in this. Getting an outdoor kitchen installation is easier than you think. There are loads of sizes and design to choose from, depending in the space your working with and where you want it. Often, getting one installed in a wall is a popular choice and means you can get a really upmarket one. There are always free standing or smaller ones too, if you don’t want to go to big too soon with your luxuries. Many companies also offer installation as well, so make sure you get this thrown in with the deal as well.

Some Drinks

Whether you have an outdoor state of the art cooler, or something a lot simpler, you have to have somewhere you can reach your drinks easily. An ice filled cooler overflowing with ice will do the trick, and be the best thing on a hot day.

Think up some creative ways to enjoy your garden, and really make it your own. There are lots of things you can put in your garden to get the most out of it. Your garden is somewhere to relax and to enjoy the weather when it’s hot out.       


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