m2 – a burning orange sun you can’t forget

I recorded this in 2013 and 2014 right after I recorded Falling Back Into it, but I only pulled it together in 2016, and completely neglected to post it online until now. Think I just wasn’t sure about this one. I wanted to produce a positive m2 record, one that was somehow uplifting in its sprawling drones, and this didn’t fit the bill. Then life changed and I forgot to acknowledge it.

But now it’s posted. This is the most recent collection of m2 music, though it’s NOT the latest m2 music. New material should be coming shortly, with a lot to follow in 2018. I have new material in the works that pushed the boundaries of what I’ve considered m2, plus a collection of outtakes called Leftovers and Laments I’m trying to finalize. Combing through over 10 hours of material to find the stuff that is most worthy! Anyway, this particular posting is really housekeeping more than anything else, getting this online to clear the plate for upcoming material.

If you’ve never listened to my m2 project before, it’s a music project I’ve been doing for 20 years now, big soundscapes of guitar sound and drones, meant to zone out to. No vocals, no drums, generally no structure. They can fill a room or exist in the background. They should work as both. I like to write listening to music like this. Hit up my m2 page for downloads. I suggest trying Falling Back Into It first. Overall I think it’s my best; well rounded, representing a lot of approaches to this sort of thing, and suitably meditative. I also like Comfortable Clarity, Six Stories, Dying Mother, and from seven fields of vision. All are free to download.

Anyway, here’s the latest, better late then never:

a burning orange sun you can’t forget (2016)

  1. Apiary
  2. Explain all the Loss of Pain
  3. Withered Flowers From Seeds Long Ago Planted
  4. The Abuse is Not Ended
  5. Putting Off Until Tomorrow