LAKEHURST: The Facebook Page

Lakehurst: Barrens, Blimps and BaronsHey, not fer nuthin’, but my favorite little Pine Barrens town happens to have a Facebook page, and it happens to have been started by yours truly, and it happens to have all sorts of awesome pictures and facts from this great book about Lakehurst.

In fact, the page has been going for some time now, and it’s full of AWESOME memories and pictures and general stuff from in and around Lakehurst, like airships, the Hindenburg disaster, life in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, places to drink great New Jersey beer, and loads more.

So hey, be cool and click on over and give the page a “like.” I’d be awful appreciative. I might even smile about it or something.

And hey, it’d be spiffy if you wanted to buy the book, too, because it’s pretty great and I wrote it and all so it would be nice. Just sayin’.