In which I chat with the folks at Saint Benjamin Brewing Company

saint-benjamin-logoA year or two back, I went on a tour of several Philadelphia breweries for the Philly Weekly. Almost certain I devoted one of my weekly columns to it, but the paper has shuffled around their website and most of my stuff is no longer online. Oh well.

Anyway, among those breweries was Saint Benjamin, then a fresh new startup doing slight twists on traditional beers. They had solid brews, were in a cool part of town, and most important of all, they seemed like good people. Ever since, I’ve been sure to put in a good word for them whenever I get the chance.

Flash forward to now. I’m beginning to do a series of monthly interviews on homebrewing for Naturally, some of the first folks I thought about were the people at Saint Benjamin. Reached out, they were game, and here we are.

Here’s a brief excerpt and a link to the full interview. Enjoy!

“In some respects, it is way easier to make kick ass beer at home. You have no constraints on scheduling, ingredient cost or availability, ‘marketability’ or anything like that. Brewing professionally is a bit different in that regard. It can be tough to get the hops you want, or to justify buying a pitch of yeast and only getting two or three generations out of it. At the same time, brewing on high quality equipment allows you a level of control and precision that most homebrew setups lack, and you can usually trade for or buy hops, or snag a pitch of yeast from another brewery in a pinch.” –Andrew Foss, Saint Benjamin Brewing Company

You can check out the full piece at HomeBrew Talk. Cheers!