In between projects … and glad

It has now been several weeks since I have been neck deep in a major project. And I’m glad for that. Sometimes I let myself get swamped in an effort to alleviate my perpetual boredom.

All those writing projects I posted about a few months ago are on temporary hiatus as I get my head cleared. The comic anthology is finished and should be ready for order any day now, so that’s off my plate. I’m not seriously working on any music projects right now (though I have some potential releases in the queue).

Yes, the Year of Hitchcock podcast chugs along, but that’s an obligation from which I cannot escape at the moment. Otherwise, though, I’ve set everything aside for some family, relaxation, and a much needed cleansing of my cluttered head.

Instead of hammering away at Eric’s Latest Big Project, I have been taking on new hobbies. For instance, I have discovered that painting is intensely relaxing. So I am painting, lack of talent be damned.

I have also been watching awesome television, and as you can imagine, that has been awesome. Both experiencing new things (The Wire) and catching up with old friends (Deadwood), as well as getting up to speed for a grand finale (Lost), have been great fun and a welcome distraction from all the crap I take on.

And of course, I have been spending time with friends and family. Because at the end of the day, they’re the most important thing of all.

But summer is almost over. Soon it will be time to get back to work.