I’ll be broadcasting live this Friday from Youtube, because I am a colossal idiot

You may know that I co-host a modest little nerd&nostalgia show on Youtube. It’s fun. And sometimes stupid. And fun. But mostly stupid.

I’d not have it any other way.

The really stupid thing, though, is that I let my co-host, Tig of Nerd Out With Me, convince me to do a live Christmas special this Friday night. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to broadcast live for hours, doing god knows what. Maybe singing Christmas songs while drinking beer and swinging replica Lord of the Rings axes at one another and accidentally breaking family heirlooms.

We’ll have some special guests, including Bad Luck Bootsy from Cinemassacre / Angry Video Game Nerd.

It’s going to be awful in the most wonderful of ways and you should totally watch it. We’re set to begin at roughly 6-7pm on Friday and will keep rolling all night, probably until 11 or 12.

If you go here it should pop up as soon as we’re broadcasting. I’ll also post direct links later to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For an idea of the kind of nonsense we may do, check this out. It may be sort of like this, but with (far) more beer, less structure, more Christmas music, and less clothing (because we’re doing the show fully naked):



  1. Nerd Out With MeNerd Out With Me

    Well, it WAS Your Idea……

  2. Bill FurstBill Furst

    You’d better not disappoint!!

    1. Eric San JuanEric San Juan

      It’s going to be a disaster. I can’t wait!

    2. Bill FurstBill Furst

      I need to figure out how to cast utube to my tv. Thanks for giving me something to enjoy on Friday night

    3. Eric San JuanEric San Juan

      There’s even a chance Bobby Carle will be making a late appearance

    4. Bill FurstBill Furst

      Now I will need to take a nap during the day…

  3. Julie Armente-BellaJulie Armente-Bella

    I won’t be able to watch it live…oh darn.

    1. Eric San JuanEric San Juan

      It saves the broadcast, so it will be possible to watch it later

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