By now, Tard the Grumpy cat is Internet famous. When I first posted her to a friend’s Facebook page a few weeks back, knowing this friend would ADORE the amazingly expressive face on this feline, she was still just an out-of-the-blue cat picture I saw that reminded me of my cat loving friend.

Now, though, Tard — and that is her name — is a full-blown Internet meme with scores and scores of pictures gracing her grumpy face.

Don’t just take my word for it. Google her. She’s HUGE. Liking her is liking Rebecca Black’s “Friday” now. Hell, even referencing “Friday” dates me to the Internet’s dark ages now, given how fast trends come and go here.

It’s okay, though, Tard. I won’t turn my back on you. You didn’t sell out. You’re still the pissy, cynical bitch I always knew and loved.

Ex ex ex oh oh oh forevas!