I am a terrible singer…

… but will soon be doing it anyway. I mentioned previously that when my PC died my music ground to a halt with it. I kind of need to do music, though. It’s a creative outlet I can’t do without, especially since writing is as much work as it is fun.

New PC is now up and running … and that means a new X-Sweet album is coming at some point in the near future.

This time, though, I’m taking my time. I have a habit of rushing through this stuff, settling for good enough, and tossing it out the door before it’s ready. Too impatient; lack any drive to be a perfectionist with this stuff. This time I hope to sit on these tunes, get them right, and to be willing to ditch songs that just aren’t working. (I should have done that with several songs on the last two.)

My goal is to merge the sonic experiments of my m2 project with the traditional songs of X-Sweet. Big outer space sounds wrapped around songs that can be strummed and sung on an acoustic guitar, which is how these songs were written before I began to butcher them with noise. We’ll see if I succeed.

The singing will still suck, though. That’s an X-Sweet tradition.