How To Get More People Interested In Your Music

As a musician, your passion is making sounds and letting your creativity flow in many different ways. You’ll enjoy the feeling of learning a musical instrument and then creating noises that blend together in order to satisfy yourself and those around you. If you simply dabble in the art, then you’ll be content with playing for yourself and yourself only while you have free time. If you take it a little more seriously, however, then you’ll probably imagine yourself playing in front of thousands of people in huge stadiums. You’ll probably purchase everything you can in order to produce songs and distribute them accordingly.

One issue a lot of up-and-comers have is the ability to get their music heard by more and more people. The idea of reaching around ten people isn’t that much of a thought-provoker. It’s when you consider getting thousands (and then millions) on board. The most successful musicians in this day and age not only play the best stuff but market themselves and get themselves about better than anyone. Here’s how are you can do just that:

Utilize Social Networking As Much As You Can

Pretty much everything is done online these days. You can argue all day about the good and bad sides of social media, but you cannot dispute the fact that it makes getting yourself across to others a lot easier. Networking with other musicians using certain sites and forums will make this journey a lot smoother, too. You can go from a novice to someone who really knows how to earn listens in an organic way. It’s who you know a lot of the time, so get your name out there.

Come Up With A Unique Sound

This is obvious, but if you can stand out above the rest, then people are going to pay attention to you. We live in a world where people like a particular sound, but that sound must begin somewhere. If you’re able to take particular genres and add your own personal aspects to them, then you might just have something new that people can get behind. People are always looking for new sounds that are both fresh and easy on the ears.

Use Video Sharing Sites, Too

Sites like YouTube have become so popular over the past decade or so. Recording yourself and throwing some of your music in there can help out so much. People like video content because it’s full of information that is easy to digest. If you have a little more creativity about you, then you can do a little more with the videos – it doesn’t just have to be you singing or playing an instrument.


During the wintertime, it might not be the best time to busk as it’ll be freezing and not as many people will stop to watch/listen. Busking is a tremendous way of getting your name out there, though, because you’ll become recognizable and people will get to experience you. Look at the likes of Ed Sheeran, for instance – he worked at it every single day. That hard work, practice, and experience can go an awful long way.