How Can I Get Inspired To Write?

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Whether you’re a blogger, novelist, or screenwriter, getting into the writing mood is often the hardest step of all. Every writer goes through stages where they feel uninspired or lacking in motivation, and it can result in very real problems.

Lacking inspiration is different to having writer’s block, which I believe is just an excuse not to work. Rather than struggling for ideas, you simply cannot be bothered to get started on them. This can occur for many reasons. Whatever the source of those troubles might be, finding a way out of the slump is vital.

Once you get into the meat of the project, you’ll have no problems racing towards the finishing line of that important first draft. Of course, reviews and rewrites will be required to perfect the piece, especially if you are using it for commercial matters. The bigger issue, however, is finding that incentive to write.

Arguably the easiest way to reignite the flame is to go back to being a consumer of media. Whether it’s watching anime shows via online streaming or watching a stage production doesn’t matter. Learn to fall back in love with the arts, and that passion for writing will soon follow. Besides, those activities may light a creative spark that brings your concepts to life.


Taking an extended break from the game is probably going to be counterproductive. Still, your life doesn’t have to revolve around writing at all times. Sometimes, taking a step back to appreciate other things can be the best tonic of all. Aside from recharging the batteries, those experiences can often be incorporated into your work. As they say, write about what you know.

As a writer, it’s very common to keep the cards close to your chest. Many writing experts find it difficult to open up about their projects unless they are finished or well on their way to completion. Tell your friends and family about the work, and their enthusiasm should soon rub off on you. They may even contribute. Even if they don’t, however, putting those ideas out in the open will give you the motivation to go back and turn it into a winning novel, song, or script.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to begin or resume work on a specific project, it might be worth storing it away. If you know that the piece isn’t heading towards the desired outcome, there’s no chance of finding that inspiration. Try starting on another job to see if that can overcome those perceived obstacles. It often will.

When all else fails, teaming up with another writer can add that competitive edge. Not only are two heads often better than one, but the desire to outperform your partner will suddenly get you writing once more. Even if it takes a little while to get to your very best, this is a huge step in the right direction.

A writer who wants to write will always produce better work. Rather than trying to force it, rediscover that motivation a natural manner. You won’t believe the impact it brings.