Hey writers, watch out for SCAMS

Fellow freelancers, keep your eyes peeled for seemingly legitimate offers by articlebat.org, an outfit which is NOT affiliated with articlebat.com. The way it works is simple: Likely drawn from your resume being posted to various job sites (though you may also get them at random), you get an email offering steady writing work. It may look something like this:

Job- copywriting
Salary – $600 a week
Duties – if you have knowledge and ambitions for writing articles on different topics you are just what the doctor ordered and you are welcome to our writers team.
-Previous experience would be great but not a must.
-If you have a broad outlook dont hesitate and give it a try.
-We need articles of high quality and deadlines are to be followed.
To launch an application: Apply Here Job

A link takes you here: http://www.articlebat.org/submit.html

You submit your resume or CV and are immediately sent an email asking you to do a test piece for them. This should be an immediate red flag. No legitimate company is going to review your credentials and offer you test work within 30 seconds (and you should always think twice about doing ANY work for free, anyway, “test” work or not). See this, I decided to do some Googling.

Turns out it’s a scam designed to swipe work from you and potentially drain your bank and/or Paypal account. The legitimate Articlebat site addresses the matter in this blog post. Some bloggers have picked up on it, too. It seems it’s a continuation of a previous scam, as outlined here and here.

Watch yourselves out there, folks. While there is plenty of work to go ’round, there are also plenty of people out there eager to separate you from your money. Do your research before accepting any work!

Eric San Juan is the founder of Your Awesome Editor, which specializes in helping self-published authors ensure their work is its very best.