Got it covered

So, Pitched! 2, right? Here is a not-yet-final mock up of the cover. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s fairly close to what the final cover will look like.

This cover also contains information for those with discerning eyes; information that may assist in your excitement levels, or at the very least your knowledge of who is in the what and such like.

I promise to post some fully lettered pages over the next two weeks so you can see nice words alongside the shiny pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t predict when Pitched! 2 will be available for purchase. We’re switching printers and I don’t yet know how quickly the new printer turns things around. It’s close to certain that it will be available in mid-October … a mere matter of weeks. But don’t hold me to that. At the mercy of forces beyond my control, after all.


  1. J.R. LeMar

    Will it be available on another site, like Lulu, Indyplanet, or Blurb, this time? Or are you sticking with Comixpress?

  2. admin

    If we go with ComiXpress, it will only be in ADDITION to another printer. So yes, it will be available on another site. Right now Ka-Blam looks to be almost certain. Maybe others as well. You'll have options.

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