Getting Your Backyard Summer-Ready

Spring is upon us, and before we know it, we’ll want to spend increasing amounts of time in our backyards. However, if you haven’t set foot in your garden for the past few months, chances are that it’s going to be a little neglected. So, you’re going to have your work set out to make it the kind of green and well-maintained haven that you could see yourself spending long hot days and cooler evenings basking in. So, here are a few areas that you might want to focus on and a few gardening tasks that you should carry out sooner rather than later!

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Cutting Down Trees

Now, trees are a great addition to every garden. Not only do they provide shade for us to bask in, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing and provide a home and shelter for all sorts of local wildlife. But occasionally, you may come to realise that trees aren’t the best addition to your garden. Perhaps you don’t have the room and think that the space they occupy could be put to better use. Maybe you want to install decking or paving, and a tree happens to be in the way. Whatever your reason, you do need to exercise caution when removing the tree from your garden. First, you need to take a look and check that there aren’t any nests built in the branches. Next, you need to ensure that the tree isn’t protected. Finally, you need to carry out the tasks sensibly and safely with all of the right equipment. For more information, take a look at cutting down trees on your property.

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Planting Flowers

Adding flowers to your garden will make your garden space bold, bright and fragrant. They are a great addition to any space, and they also encourages wildlife to frequent your garden, making it a nature-friendly space too (this is particularly positive to help bees that are currently struggling to survive worldwide). Regardless of how much room you have, there will be an option suitable for you. For small homes, try out window boxes or hanging baskets. You can use these for flowering plants. Just make sure that any species you opt for are non-toxic. You could also try out climbing plants on your exterior walls. Opt for species that establish themselves quickly, such as Wisteria. If you have more room, you might like to dig up a small flower bed or create a planting box with old crates or even old tyres. These can be filled with all sorts of beautiful plants. Just make sure that the soil is well turned over and that any weeds are pulled up from the root. You can also use different types of compost to encourage your blooms to grow and thrive!

These are just two simple steps that you can take to start your journey towards establishing a stunning garden space. Get started early, as this will ensure that everything is good and ready to go by the time you want to spend time outdoors. You don’t want to be toiling away when temperatures peak, you want to be basking in the glow of your hard work!

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