Geeky Christmas: What to Buy The Fanatic Person In Your Life

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Of all the people on earth, everyone should reserve a special place in their heart for the people who live with passion. They’re the people who don’t do things by half: they go all in, and will willingly let themselves be consumed by the things they love. While this is inspiring to see on a daily basis, there’s also another advantage: it makes buying presents for them all the more straightforward. Below, we take a look at a few types of gifts you can get for that fanatic person in your life.


Special Edition, Special Christmas

It’s hard to explain just how deep into the rabbit hole some people are willing to go for the things they love. To some people, there’s no such thing as having too many editions of their favorite book; no such thing as having too many copies – all slightly different – of their favorite album. Or a deluxe edition of a classic movie; and so on and so forth. If you’ve got someone in your life who’s obsessed with one particular work of art, group, or genre, take a look at locating a piece of rare memorabilia. You might not understand the appeal, but trust us, they will!

A Piece of History

For most people, a passion is something that has to be kept at an arm’s distance. They have jobs; they can’t commit all their time to it, the things they want to own just aren’t for sale. Sometimes, though, this isn’t the case. The rise of the internet has meant it’s easier than ever before to track down those rare items. In the past, you would have struggled to find a unique gift for a dinosaur lover in your household, but you can now find fossils for sale online, making it all the more straightforward. If you have a moon lover, the old gift would have been a telescope; now you can buy them a plot of land on the moon. Some gift!

Taking a Tour

You can follow in the footsteps of just about anything. Why not take a look at organising a trip for your loved one, during which they visit the most places connected to their passion? Thanks to affordable travel, it’s easier than ever to arrange an art tour through Italy, wine tour through France, or a trip to the landmarks connected to William Shakespeare, for instance.

Gadgets, Gadgets Everywhere!

Some people don’t have one specific interest. What they really find fascinating is the future and everything that goes along with it. If you have such a person in your life, then look at getting them some of the cool and futuristic gadgets that have come up for sale in the past year. If you’ve been looking to convert your house to a ‘smart home,’ then this might be.

Building Around

Sometimes, a person will be so fanatic about their interest that there’s nothing, really, that you can get to them. Instead, buy them gifts that enable them to enjoy their subject even more. It could be as simple as giving them a weekend off from chores and letting them indulge in their passion guilt-free!  


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