(Garden) Party Time: Turning Your Backyard Into A Great Party Space

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It’s a great part of the Los Angeles scene, the one great thing that we all benefit from with eternal sunshine is that we can lounge in the back garden whenever we want. The great thing about your backyard is that it’s a fantastic place for a party. And whether you are moving into a new property, or you are thinking about shaking up your space, here are a few things to turn your backyard into party central.

3pm, And The Guests Are Arriving…

So far, your party planning has been perfect. Everyone’s got a beverage, the music is playing, and everyone is feeling nicely chilled. All you need to do at this point is to have a few sun loungers out, and if you have the space, it would be a perfect opportunity for a pool party. This is also great if you got friends with kids who will no doubt get bored around the adults. So give them a rubber ring and get them to jump in!


6pm, And It’s Time For Food…

All that running around chasing after the kids is no doubt going to get you hungry, so why don’t you invest in a good quality barbecue station like the ones that Lifestyle Bahama Island do, they are complete with different sections for everyone, so you can cater for the carnivores as well as the vegetarians without cross contamination. If you’re looking at garden furniture, and you haven’t got much money to waste right now, the rustic look is very popular. So, as long as it doesn’t clash with your stylish garden, you could make the most of old plastic chairs and create a vintage look to your garden.

10pm, And It’s Getting Dark…

By this point, everyone’s having a great time, and no doubt there will be some people getting along better than others, and some people may have ventured into the house, so it’s at this point you want to make your garden a bit more relaxing. Lights are perfect for this point in the night, and you can decorate your garden with simple tea lights or some hanging basket lights dotted around to add a really cozy, glowing atmosphere to this party.


Midnight, And It’s Getting Late…

It’s at this point where you’ll have people either sloping off or getting a second wind for a few more hours of partying. Maybe somebody will get their acoustic guitar out, and some people will eye roll at the notion. And some people may want to cozy up and get warm, so you may want to think about getting fire pits installed, these are nice little circular pits where you can burn wood or coal, and look great, especially when that’s the only source of light in the middle of the night. It’s a nice stylish way to have a sing-along, or you can just warm yourself up.

3am, And People Are Getting Sleepy…

Well done if you’ve made it this far, but now as the fire dwindles, you’ll always have a couple of people randomly falling asleep so you may want to get some good quality garden loungers for this eventuality, such as the Miami Rattan Garden Sun Lounger which is in a stylish black and vanilla.

A garden party is one of life’s little pleasures, but you need to make sure you have the right decor for it to truly take it off!

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