From Boring to Beautiful- Upgrades in the Backyard!

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In just a few short weeks the warmer weather will return, and we’ll all make a dash for the garden! Barbeques, tea parties, sunbathing and playing games with kids and pets- there’s no nicer place to be on a warm day than in the backyard. If you plan on upgrading your outdoor space this year, here are a few things that will take it from boring to beautiful!

A Water Feature

As well as looking pretty, water features can create tranquil sounds which give a sense of relaxation peace and peace while you’re sat outdoors. Exactly what you want when you’re relaxing in the garden! They look beautiful when they have sunlight shining through them, and because they reflect light, they could also make your space appear bigger which is useful in a smaller garden. However, with this being said, a water feature really can benefit any garden, small or large. If you have a very dull looking garden, perhaps just a small concrete yard, then something like this can really bring some life and interest to it.

A Summer House

A summer house is a perfect place to relax on a warm day with a book and a cold drink. It gives you another space to relax in, and is the ideal way to turn an unloved corner of your garden into a usable space. During the warmer months you could use it as a summer house, and throughout the rest of the year, it could function as a workshop or storage space. You could kit it out with a craftmade fan selection at to keep you cool and shaded on a hot day. Something like this would be ideal if you entertain guests in the garden but they have young children. It’s a cool, shady place for them to escape the sunshine if needed. Paint it a pastel colour and surround it with greenery and flowers for a very cute yet functional addition to the garden.

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Vibrant Flower Beds

Finally, a garden isn’t quite complete without pops of colour from beautiful flowers. There’s an art to planting up a flowerbed correctly, and if you manage to do it right you’ll have stunning blooms pop up all year every year but with no additional hassle on your part. You can do this by planting a variety of different bulbs and seeds that all flower at different times of year, it will burst with colour throughout the seasons. Just as one type of flower is dying off, another type is coming into bloom. This means the garden stays colourful as it’s different all year round. Don’t forget to add evergreen plants too, this means that come winter you still have some greenery rather than everything completely dying off until spring. While there are winter flowers you can buy, there’s not quite as many and so evergreens help to bridge the gap until spring again.

What upgrades will you be making this year to improve your garden?


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