Forgotten About Garden Ideas That Can Do More Than Just Look Great

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Having your own garden means that you’ve got a blank canvas to be as creative as possible in, all while dreaming about relaxing in your garden on long and hot summer days. However, there are often many features that you could have in your garden which will do more than just look great, but they are often overlooked and forgotten about. Thinking of creating a perfect relaxation haven for your garden this year? Take a look at these handy ideas that could really add a touch of class to your garden and be useful in other ways too!


If you’ve got a dog (or two, or three) then you will know all too well how frustrating it can be when your garden isn’t secure enough for them to play unattended. It can also be frustrating when people pass by your home and entice your dog closer. Consider some stylish yet sturdy fencing for the surrounding areas of your home so that not only will your dog be safe in your garden, but you will have the privacy that you long for, all while looking great. It doesn’t have to be your generic wood panelling either. Take a look at the link above to check out some fantastic fencing ideas!


Talking of privacy, there’s always the worry that at some point when you’re not around that someone will enter your garden and maybe even your home to try and steal something. Home CCTV systems are the perfect answer for this worry as you will be able to have everything on tape so that those types of people don’t get away with theft. You can even get covert cameras that are disguised as something else so that they don’t stick out with your garden design!

Water feature

Having a water feature in your garden is not only a great focal point, but it’s relaxing to sit back and watch while enjoying the sounds of trickling water. A water feature also serves as a great bath for small birds that will fly in and out of your garden. What better way to give back to nature than offering them something in your garden to take advantage of? If you love nature, why not add a bird feeder in too so that you can really help them out?

Vegetable patch

There’s something really rewarding about being self sufficient in your own home, so consider building yourself your very own vegetable patch! One bonus is that you will also be contributing to the environment because you know that none of your fruit or vegetables have been sprayed with polluting insecticides and other chemicals. Good for you, your garden, and the environment!


Consider these forgotten about ideas for your garden that will serve more purposes than simply looking great!