Five Most Dangerous Workouts

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We all want to stay fit and healthy, and sometimes go to the extreme to look great on the beach. There are some workouts that should not be attempted without supervision and proper warm ups, or you can injure yourself and even cause long term health problems. It is recommended that you start with building your strength up first before you try some of the most dangerous exercises, so your body can support your weight all the way and you can avoid serious injuries. Below you’ll find some of the riskiest exercises you should try to avoid.

  1. Bench Press

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While it is great for weight training, bench presses are not suitable for everyone. If your back and waist muscles are not strong enough, or you have had a shoulder joint injury that has healed in the past, you should avoid this type of workout. Opt for a lighter and easier version, such as push ups. The key is that you increase the weight gradually and learn your limitations.

  1. Kettlebell

While throwing Kettlebells all around seems fun, and you can show off your skills in the gym, if you overdo this exercise, you can cause serious long term injuries. You will have to first learn the leg support and the right position before you can lift any kettlebells. You will also have to talk to a personal trainer and get a full assessment before starting this form of exercise. It is also important that you know your legal rights when it comes to injuries due to the lack of instruction and supervision.

  1. Squats

Squats can be great to exhaust your lower body, but you can strain and injure some of the muscles when you are doing too much. Make sure that you warm up your muscles before your exercise. Instead of going for a long workout, you might want to try HIIT squats that will give you a break between reps, so your muscles can reset before they tear and burn out.

  1. Crossfit

While Crossfit is a popular form of exercise today, and focuses on multiple muscle groups, you will have to take some health precautions. As you will have to do the reps as quickly as possible, you will not focus enough on your posture. The most common injuries associated with this workout are back muscle strain and joint problems.

  1. Mountain Biking


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Mountain biking is a fun way of exercising outdoors, but it is also extremely dangerous. When you smash into a rock in the middle of nowhere, you will have little or no chance to get help in time. You might fall off and have an open fracture if you take this sport to the extreme and cycle on rough terrain.

When you start a new form of exercise, it is important that you get a health assessment and work on building strength first. If you have a low fitness level, trying extreme sports and workouts without warming up and strengthening the supporting muscles can have some serious consequences.


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