Exercise Motivation For When The Going Gets Tough!

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At the start of any exercise regimen, your motivation is high. You might be hitting the gym multiple times a week, signing up to classes and really feel like this time, you’re going to crack this healthy living lark. However, you might begin with the best of intentions, but your interest and motivation can wane over time. Perhaps you’re tired from work, bored of your exercise routine or just start making excuses more and more not to go. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Busy lives along with activity that drains you will always be a tough balance to get right. But when exercise provides so many health benefits, it’s so worth trying. Here are a few things that might help give you a boost when the going gets tough!

Buy a Fitness Tracker

So many brands these days have fitness trackers, from Garmin to Tomtom to Apple, Fitbit and more. Do some research and try out some different designs and see which grabs your attention. Fitness trackers monitor things like your heart rate, sleep and activity levels, and present the information in easy to read graphs and charts on your smartphone. It can give you a huge boost to do more exercise when you can see how little you have done in black and white. It can also help to push you to work harder and generally live healthier. Chances are you’re overestimating the activity you currently do, so something like this can highlight where you need to improve and help you to reach your goals.

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Create a Killer Playlist

If you’re lucky, you will find an activity that you really love. Whether it’s a sport or class, something that you look forward to doing and don’t clock watch during that time. It means it will fly by and not even feel like exercise. However, for most of us, especially some of the time, exercise means hitting the gym. Since many gyms are open twenty-four hours these days, they’re an easy and convenient way of reaching your daily exercise. However, sitting on a piece of exercise equipment slogging away can be pretty boring. One way to get around this is to create an amazing playlist that really motivates you, and that you can lose your thoughts in while you workout. It could be a dance, trance, pop, rock, a reggaeton music download, whatever your tastes are. But go with something upbeat and high tempo!

Invest in Workout Clothes You Love

It might sound shallow, but looking good really can make all the difference. When you look good, you feel good, and when you have some stylish gym clothes to workout in it could give you that push you need. Browse online or some sports shops and pick out pieces that flatter your figure and you know look fantastic on you. And treat yourself, if you stick your exercise regime out they will get plenty of use!

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