Everything You Need To Know About AnimeCon

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If you are getting into anime and you want to immerse yourself deeper into their world this year you might consider attending one of the many conventions which are held every year to celebrate this genre.

AnimeCon by Ryan Kopf is one of the best choices you can choose for a convention, and it pulls thousands of avid fans through its doors every single time it opens. If you have never been to a convention before but you want to see what all the fuss is about, here is everything you need to know.

Prepare and plan

You cannot go into an anime convention without making a plan before you leave. You will need to take the time to decide which day you will attend, how you will travel to the venue, whether you are going to stay over in a hotel and also how long you want to wait outside for it to open up. Make sure you bring extra money with you for items at the convention and be sure to have a bag to carry things.

Be polite

There are so many people out there who make fun of people for liking things like anime or comic books, but it is a lovely hobby and is one which people are genuinely passionate about. When you visit a convention the important thing to remember is to respect the other visitors and be polite to everyone you meet. This is a place which makes people happy so make sure you stay polite and respectful of them at all times.

Avoid glomp

Glomp is a word which basically describes what happens at a convention when someone gets over excited to see someone and jumps or tackles them to the ground. Be very aware of this when you enter a convention and make sure you don’t do it yourself. It is great to see fellow anime fans, but you don’t need to fight them!

Cosplay is king

The most fun part of visiting a convention is the fact that you are able to dress up as your favorite character for the day and be in a place where it is normal to do so. Dressing up in cosplay is a fun task so make the most of doing it during the days before you visit the convention. For inspiration for your costume, you could head over to anime hentai videos. You might end up making elements of your costume yourself so make sure you have space in your home to make some fun crafts and let your creativity flow! You can even help your friends to make their costumes so that you are the best cosplayers in the whole venue! Do not be afraid to make your costume a sexy one either! It is no secret that anime conventions bring out fans of adult websites such as cartoonporno so if you are looking to steal the show in a racy ensemble, now is your chance to shine!

Have fun

Lastly, but most importantly of all, you need to make sure that you have fun when visiting a convention. Conventions are all about immersing yourself in a different world and having fun meeting some of the stars of your favorite movies and tv shows. Make the most of your time here, take lots of photos and have fun during your time here.