EU Stability Issues Raise Concern After Brexit

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People in the UK voted out of Europe in a recent referendum that has become the cause of much confusion around the world. Most experts claim the decision came out of fear, and that the British people just wanted to rebel against their government. Whatever the cause behind the vote, one thing is painfully clear; Brexit is having some terrible consequences for other countries inside the EU. At the moment, leaders have no idea how the UK will deal with the situation, and that is raising many stability concerns.


What are the reasons for Brexit?

As mentioned a moment ago, the reasons for Brexit are somewhat unclear. However, many UK citizens claim they voted to leave Europe for the following benefits:

  • Regaining control over immigration into the country
  • Not sending millions of pounds to the European Parliament every year
  • Not having to conform to the European Court of Human Rights

However, there are many political reasons for Brexit that aren’t mentioned in most news sources. For instance, some leading politicians believe that leaving Europe is the best way for the UK to repair its wavering economy.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Unfortunately, the instability felt throughout Europe at the moment could potentially lead to the disbanding of the union. People in Greece already feel like they’re getting a raw deal from the EU, and many other countries are less than impressed with the current situation. One expert told BBC News reporters she believed that Europe was a weak solution put into place after World War 2 to create peace in the region. She went on to say that the union is flawed economically and doomed to failure at some point in the next few years. If that happens, countries will have to go back to governing themselves, and there is a good chance that any disagreements or conflicts could spiral out of control.


What’s most likely to happen?

Speaking to news reporters last week, the head of Lloyd’s Bank Antonio Horta-Osorio said he does not believe Brexit will have a lasting negative impact on the EU. He claimed the EU is a political structure that has stood the test of time. Mr. Horta-Osorio went on to say that the European Union has managed to deal with issues far greater than anything the current situation might create. They’d achieved longevity by avoiding silly ideas like disbanding or building walls. Many other experts in the financial industry second that notion, and so it looks as though Brexit might not have the effect some scaremongering individuals predict. The main issue is whether Britain will manage to leave without paying hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation.

There is no getting away from the fact that Europe and the rest of the world are currently in a state of turmoil. However, western powers have led their people through much worse in the past. While there are many valid concerns, it looks as though the European Union is here to stay. When all’s said and done, if the British people elect Jeremy Corbyn at the next election, the entire situation could shift.