Eric sings for you

A week or so I started another blog meant to be nothing more than an archive of my music. (Follow it on Facebook here.) Last night I posted an album I recorded three years ago.

An album with (gasp!) singing. I am a terrible singer. I really ought not try to sing. But here is the album, anyway:


One Last Goodbye

1) The New X-Sweet (0:37)
2) Goodbye, My Friend (4:15)
3) Roll It Over (2:53)
4) Purple Rose (2:40)
5) Blue Moon (3:02)
6) Breaking (4:57)
7) Rowhouses (0:50)
8) The Bottom of Things (2:09)
9) Martha Dear (4:35)
10) Holy Roller (4:07)
11) Oh Sister (5:38)
12) One Last Goodbye (1:32)

All songs (c) Eric San Juan 2006. Free to distribute, just ask. More information on this release here.

My personal favorites are Roll It Over, Purple Rose, and Martha Dear.