Entertaining In Your Garden Just Got Easier With These Makeover Ideas

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Creating an outdoor space sometimes can be a real lifesaver for you. A place to sit and relax in the fresh air, maybe grow your own vegetables or ignite your passion for gardening. However, some people love the idea of the garden being an entertaining space, especially now that we are entering spring and summer seasons. So how can you create a garden fit for entertaining your friends and family? I thought I would share with you some of the makeover ideas that could help you achieve it.

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Create a patio space or decked area

One of the first things you need to consider is creating a patio space or decked area where you can actually entertain and be sociable. Many garden spaces have an area like this already mapped out, but if it doesn’t, figure out where might be best to have one put in. Mostly it is a good idea to have a patio or decked area near the exit from your home, so that people, and yourself, step out from your home and into the garden and seating area. Patios and decks can be made in different ways. You can use a wooden platform, have some form of resin put down, or just good old fashioned slabs of stone or concrete. It would all depend on your taste.

Invest in key pieces of furniture perfect for you and your guests

Once you have your patio and decked are sorted, you need to then consider the seating side of things for you and your guests. This is when you could choose things like a corner sofa, single chairs or two seaters. Ones with cushions and ones without. Websites like patioproductions.com have a great selection of outdoor seating options. Make sure you also think about a table and where you may eat, if you do decide to cook. Some people choose to have separate seating facilities, one for relaxing and being sociable and one for entertaining and eating al fresco.

What about the cooking station?

The next thing to think about would be to add a cooking station in your garden. Many people invest in BBQ’s, but there are a whole host of other options you could consider. You could even go as far as creating an outdoor kitchen if your garden is big enough. From smokers and pizza ovens to gas hobs and a sink and cleaning area, you really could have it all in there. A good BBQ is always going to be worth the investment, even when you are not entertaining and the weather is good you can put some food on there and enjoy some al fresco dining yourself. In the summer and spring, there are studies that say spending as much time as you can outside is really good for your mind and body, so eating, whether with the family, yourself or with friends, in the fresh air can become part of your daily or weekly routine while the weather is kind. Websites like wisebread.com have some great suggestions on how to cook outside and what to consider.

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Think about how you dress your garden

While you may be focusing on your patio and cooking stations you might also want to spare a thought ot how the rest of your garden looks. Entertaining can happen at any time of the day, so it is worth looking at your flower beds and making sure they look fabulous. Spend some time gardening and sprucing up, adding new flowers into your beds and ensuring that you have no weeds. You may also want to use this time to make sure that your lawn is in good condition. Giving it a cut and also adding some feed can help it to look healthy and a bright and vibrant green.

Lighting and accessories to bring your garden to life

Finally, make sure you consider adding some lighting to your garden. This can easily be achieved through solar energy, and the glow in your garden can light it up and make it feel like it is part of your home. You could also invest in some accessories for entertaining such as drinkware or plates perfect for eating outside. There are many stores out there that can give you a range or a set where it is a material that isn’t glass or pot, enabling it to be a much safer option when eating outside.

Sometimes entertaining is worth investing in, after all, being sociable is really good for your mental health. I hope that these tips help you to achieve an outside entertaining space that you can happily use this spring and summer.

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