Eco-Friendliness Is Leading The Way In Property Development

The property development world constantly goes through different phases and trends – much like any other industry on planet earth. Some of these phases are glaringly obvious – like gargoyles on homes during the olden times! If you walk down a street full of houses built in the Victorian era, you notice a remarkable difference compared to the more modern housing estates. Regardless, new trends come and go all the time, impacting the way property is developed.

Recently, research suggests that eco-friendliness will be one of the leading factors in property development over the next few years. This comes from a survey by PropertyGuru, who went around asking people in Singapore various questions relating to property buying. They discovered that 73% of people preferred a house to have solar panels, and 68% wanted one with a smart cooling system. It’s a clear indication that eco-friendly developments are highly sought after, which could change the way that properties are built in the future. Who knows, we could start seeing these features as ‘standard’ in the next way of new housing developments. Even though the research was conducted in Singapore, it’s a fairly accurate representation of global views on this matter. We live in a world that’s slowly becoming more eco-conscious, so why wouldn’t these elements be desirable?

The survey also uncovered some interesting information on buying habits and saving money, which is well worth looking into. If you want to see all of these findings, you will find an infographic below detailing all the key points of the research:

Infographic designed by: PropertyGuru Largest Property Portal in Singapore