Do You Want A Career In Music?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 


Growing up, many people idolize singers and bands. Some people have big dreams of becoming a very talented musician and making it big in the music industry. Others may have a love for music, but don’t want the fame. If you are thinking about what career you want to have or you feel as though it is time for a change in your career, but you are not sure what to do, then here is a list of jobs that may help you with picking a career related to music.


One of the main careers in the music industry that you probably think about right away when you think about the subject is to be a musician/performer. This is of course, not always the easiest thing to become, but with platforms such as YouTube, it may make it easier for you to get yourself out there. Part of getting into this career path is probably going to involve taking music lessons, so you may want to attend one of the top music schools in the country so that you can get quality training to start you on your way down this career path.

Music Therapist

Maybe being a performer isn’t your thing. Perhaps you would love to combine your talent for music and your passion for helping people together. If you have been thinking about this, then a career you may want to consider is becoming a music therapist. In this job, music is used as a type of therapy “to help patients with psychological, developmental or emotional issues.” 

Record Producer

If you have an interest in helping people with creating their music then maybe becoming a record producer is the job for you. With this job you would be helping artists with a variety of aspects in the production of their album. With this type of job, you could start your own recording studio if that is of interest to you and then help with the production of the records.

Music Journalist

Perhaps your passion lies more in writing than in playing music, but you still really love music. Then you can consider being a writer or journalist that writes about music. The music industry is something that many people are interested in reading about, so if writing is your talent, then perhaps this is the right job for you.

Music Teacher

People need someone to learn music from, so if you have always wanted to teach and you are knowledgeable about music and playing instruments, then you could consider this option. With this job, you could teach in a school; you could start your own business where you teach people from your home, or you could teach at a music school.

Those are some ideas of jobs that you can do if you have an interest in music. The great thing is that there are so many jobs that you can do that relate to music. Even if your talent is not singing or playing an instrument, there are so many other ways that you can combine your expertise and your love of music into the career that is right for you.