Classic MS-DOS games, rare board games, and more: my latest Youtube shenanigans

You may or may not know that I co-host a goofy little Youtube show called Nerd Out With Me, formerly Hours in the Attic. We drink beer and talk about nerd stuff we like, usually older stuff from ye ol’ days o’ yore. It’s fun. I like doing it. And these are some of the recent episodes we did. Fun stuff like our favorite MS-DOS games, a rare early edition of my favorite board game, Axis & Allies, a sneak peek at a totally outlandish B-movie called Attack of the Killer Shrews, and a review of a SUPER COOL indie party game called Diss Jockey.

So check them out. My fave MS-DOS games are better than Tig’s:


Axis & Allies is an old, old favorite of mine, so getting my hands on this was a thrill:



This party game made by a small group of music fans landed in our laps to try out, and we were all really surprised to discover just how much damn fun it was. Seriously, you’ve got to try it:



And finally, we watched an insane indie horror flick that is (purposely) all sorts of bad, in a tongue-in-cheek way: