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The really BORING part of having a book published

Counting down the weeks to the released of the book I co-authored with Jim McDevitt, A Year of Hitchcock, you’d think I’d be giddy with excitement. I mean, it’s just three weeks or so away, right? Any day now I might get my comp copy in the mail. How exciting! But the truth is, as I mention in How I Got Published, your obligation to your work does not end when the writing is over. When not working on other projects (such as my comic anthology), I’ve spent the better part of my personal working time the last week or so drafting and mailing letters to local libraries and book stores, calling to get the proper contact information, working on press releases, and other painfully…
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More anthology previews

Here is some more preview art from the upcoming comic anthology I’m writing. More preview art is available here. These excellent pencils were done by James Pipik for a 16-page story called “The End of all Summers“. NOTE: Click the images for a full-sized version. We’re finalizing some script details, and Jim is inking and lettering the pages. An example of what the semi-finished product might look like is below. That’s the first page of the story (minus title box). The artist is experimenting with greytones and such and there are still minor adjustments to make with the artwork, so even this remains a work in progress, but I think it hives you a sense of what this will look like. I think I speak…
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Sometimes they say yes (aka Eric “sells” a story)

It’s funny that I just recently blogged about rejection letters, because over the weekend I got the opposite of a rejection when Boston Literary Magazine accepted a story I wrote called “Storms”. It’s a short short delving into the mind of a soldier about to fight the Battle of the Somme. I look forward to being able to link to it so you folks can read it. You’d think after my long gap from blogging I’d have more to say, but no. No, I don’t. It’s been a busy, hectic time, but none of it worth talking about. I am now trying to fix my laptop, because without it my writing grinds to a halt. So there is that. Tomorrow I will post more preview…
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