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Breaking Bad, my new must-watch TV

It hasn’t been easy finding a new must-watch show. The Walking Dead didn’t do it for me, Lost reached its finale (I posted several times about this show), and the excellent Game of Thrones aside, HBO’s awesome television shows, well, haven’t been as awesome of late as they’ve been historically. Even two series I hotly anticipated, The Pacific and Boardwalk Empire, were very good but did not make me feel compelled to watch every night in a marathon of viewing. (I tend to watch one show at a time, an episode a night, in a long marathon. I love TV that way.) That’s why I’m glad I discovered Breaking Bad. Because hot damn is this show good. If you’re not familiar with Breaking Bad, it…
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TELEVISION: The Walking Dead was overrated

I’m an unashamed geek and make no bones about it. I love geek stuff. Hell, I took part in co-writing a really great geek book. Proud to have my name attached to all things geek. But this needs to be said: AMC’s smash-hit television show The Walking Dead, while quite entertaining, was also highly, highly overrated by my geek brothers and sisters. Sorry, my geek brethren, but it’s true. We were so caught up in the thrill of getting something delightfully geeky that we elevated the show to a lofty status it has not yet earned. Now I’m not saying the show was bad. Far from it. I thought the casting was phenomenal, the writing was generally pretty good (though certainly not always), the acting…
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Lost – Daddy issues revisited

Warning: This post contains explicit SPOILERS about the ending to the television show Lost. If you haven’t seen it and intend to watch it one day, do not read this. Last July, I ruminated on a subject many others had touched upon many times: The cast members of Lost sure do have daddy issues! When you look at the things that made these people who they were, the sins of the father were inextricably tied into their trials and tribulations. At the end of that post, I posed the following: “So what’s the deal with Lost’s immense stack of father-troubled characters? Is this common thread purposeful, or did it just turn out that way? Are Jacob and Esau (the name the Lost fan community has…
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Lost – Faith in one another is an enduring theme

Warning: This post contains explicit SPOILERS about the ending to the television show Lost. If you haven’t seen it and intend to watch it one day, do not read this. I’m not going to go into my detailed thoughts on the finale, the series, or any of that. Not yet. EVERYONE is doing that right now so I’d just get lost in the mix, and frankly, there is just too much to say in one post, anyway. But I do want to revisit something I posted about last year. Last year, after the finale to the fifth season of Lost, it became clear that an overarching theme of the show — faith versus reason; fate versus free will — was coming to a head. I…
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The Wire’s David Simon is an opinionated man

Based on my recent blog post touting HBO’s television programming, it’s safe to say that I have become devotee of The Wire, a stunning, five-season long portrait of a city in decay. It may be second only to Deadwood as the best television HBO has to offer — and maybe that anyone has to offer. Television writing just doesn’t get any better. So as I am prone to do when I become heavily invested in something, after watching I immediately sought out interviews with David Simon, creator of The Wire and the Lead Brain behind the brains that brought the world this phenomenal show. What I found was a fascinating man who is intelligent, articulate, cynical, and angry. If you’ve been a fan of The…
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