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The Secret To Making Yourself Into A Better Musician

Contributed Post Pexels Photo Being a musician is one of the most rewarding pastimes in the world. No matter what level of experience you are, there is a huge amount of joy to be had in the simple act of playing music. This joy can be magnified many times if you also get a chance to play with others. No matter how good you are, however, chances are you are always keen to improve. Most musicians find that they are rarely happy with where they are. There is a real joy in learning new techniques for whatever instrument you are playing. What’s more, the more you play and practice with others, the better a musician you become in an all-round sense. In this article, we…
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Beat is for Eric B and LL as well

It’s not often that music changes your life, but Public Enemy managed the trick for me. I quote the more famous “Bring the Noise” in the title, which was covered by metal/thrash band Anthrax, but the song and video (because during this time videos were a HUGE part of music) that really blew my mind was “Night of the Living Baseheads.” Check it out, and see how video could be seen as an art separate from song, but one that worked together with music to create something entirely new: To this day I can’t quite put my finger on what it was about this that shook me and awoke me. I think it was how explosively the video and song blew up the racial stereotypes accepted in the…
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Check out the gorgeous cyberpunk art of Ian Sokoliwski, with a soundtrack by yours truly

I love the art and photography of Ian Sokoliwski. His sense for color, staging, and composition is outstanding, and his cyberpunk, gothic and steampunk art brings new worlds to life. I was honored to work with him on a story in Pitched 2, and just as thrilled when he asked if some of my music could accompany montages of his work. I happily said yes. Take a look at his killer artwork, accompanied by “Without Waking” and “Spinning Lecterns,” both from my m2 project:    

The most punk rock thing Nirvana ever did was play MTV Unplugged

Twenty-two years ago today, Kurt Cobain killed himself. He was still just a kid, really, talented and tortured and burdened by a weight he wasn’t equipped to handle. Nirvana’s music left a mark on people, but they left as quickly as they came. How strange to disappear when still at your peak. Cobain was a little playful, a little rebellious, and a little punk rock – he taunted jocks, smashed instruments, and thumbed his nose at his fame – but the most punk rock thing he ever did was strap on an acoustic guitar and play one of the most intimate, revealing sets of music of the last 30 years. The boldness wasn’t just in the stripped down set, despite it being unusual for a…
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