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What Is The Best Equipment For Listening To Hip-Hop?

Contributed Post Audiophiles put so much time and effort into their sound systems in an attempt to get the absolute best sound that they can get. When it comes to classical and jazz, the balance between all of the separate parts is massively important, but a lot of these enthusiasts maintain that when it comes to listening to hip-hop records, it doesn’t really matter about your setup. While there might be fewer levels to balance if you’re serious about your Public Enemy and Wu-Tang records, the right equipment can make all of the difference. If you’re not getting the sound that you want, then you’re probably missing out on these key elements. For instance, using studio monitors & speakers for Bass can be a great idea!…
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Finding New Sounds When You’re Tired Of Skipping The Same Old Songs

Contributed Post If you’re like most real music lovers, then you cherish the undoubtedly extensive playlists full of masterpieces you collected and curated throughout the years. Beyond tastes changing, however, it can be quite easy to find that you skip through your playlist more often than you let a song play through. When that happens, take it as a sign you need to start looking in different directions. Beyond organically discovering new artists, however, how do you find the fertile ground that new music loves can grow on? Photo Credit Places like this This blog has some pretty great ideas on artists worth listening to. But it’s not just this one. The blogosphere and the online community, in general, is a great place to find…
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Turn Your Dream Of Starting A Band Into A Reality

Everyone at some point in their life has considered starting a band. This could be a fleeting insane thought in high school, a slightly more serious endeavor at college or, now that you’ve had a year’s worth of guitar lessons, you could be actively looking for a position in a band. Being in a band is cool. There aren’t many jobs that are cooler, other than an international spy or chocolate taster. Even as a fully fledged adult, you still have a hankering to give the band thing a go. You have visions of writing and performing that one great song that becomes an instant classic and is played at weddings, events and across the airwaves for years to come. So what are you waiting…
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Can Music Really Bring Your Family Closer Together? (Hint: The Answer Is Yes!)

Music plays a central role in all of our lives. Even if your experiences are limited to listening to the radio, it’s virtually impossible to go a whole day without hearing at least one song. It’s a very powerful tool that has the ability to alter our emotional frame of a mind in an instant. Still, its capabilities aren’t limited to individual elements and is something that can be used to bring the whole family closer together. So how can you unlock greater family happiness through the power of music? Here’s all you need to know.   Source: Go Back To Traditional Media There’s no question that Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Echo all have a role to play in our listening experiences. However, there’s something…
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Lorde’s sophomore effort is a surprising triumph and an instant favorite

The new Lorde record is a surprising dose of satisfaction cloaked in misleading party garb. I was among those totally sucked into the Lorde orbit when she first hit the scene a few years back. “Royals” was catchy, sure, but the full record was miles better than one catchy single, packed with minimalist music, subversive lyrics of the kind only a teen could write – and while that sounds like a subtle insult, it’s not – and anti-pop pop. I loved it. But man, I had misgivings about the new record. The first single, “Green Light,” lived and died on a big dance thump and a heard-it-done-it fast piano riff. Wasn’t helped by a video of Lorde dancing on a fancy car in a short…
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