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How Public Enemy Changed the Way I See the World

It may seem like hyperbole to say that a music act can alter one’s worldview in a significant way, but anyone who knows me knows that music is an incredibly important, often powerful part of my life – and “powerful” is as apt a term as any for what Public Enemy has to offer. After all, Public Enemy changed the way I see the world. For those only passingly familiar with them, Public Enemy is a now legendary hip hop group best known for songs like Fight the Power, Bring the Noise, and 911 Is a Joke. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, making them a crossover powerhouse who may not have burned up the charts – they’ve…
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Headphones vs. Earphones: Which Is Best?

Contributed Post Picture credit   When you listen to a lot of music, the perennial question of whether to buy headphones or earphones will crop up at some point. There are various pros and cons for each, of course, and plenty of factors to consider. But, as we will see, the main thing to think about before you make your purchase is – what are you using them for? Understand the difference For those that don’t know, let’s go through a rough explanation of what we are talking about. Headphones sit on top of your head, with the cups that hold the speakers fitting around both of your ears. Earphones are smaller, don’t have the wide headband, and just fit in or around your ears….
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Digital Music & Sound Quality: Quick & Easy Fixes

Contributed Post As a musician, I’m often accused of being something of a snob. I’m not, however. It’s just that I want to listen to new, more interesting sounds and ideas, rather than the same rehashed chords and melodies. But there is one element of music that will always bring out an element of snobbishness in me – sound quality. When digital music first came out, I hated it. Sure, it’s kinda cool to have all those songs stored on your iPod or smartphone. But let’s face it, in those early days of digital music, the sound quality sucked. It’s a lot better today, of course, but we still have a long way to go. With all this in mind, I thought I would point…
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The Secret To Making Yourself Into A Better Musician

Contributed Post Pexels Photo Being a musician is one of the most rewarding pastimes in the world. No matter what level of experience you are, there is a huge amount of joy to be had in the simple act of playing music. This joy can be magnified many times if you also get a chance to play with others. No matter how good you are, however, chances are you are always keen to improve. Most musicians find that they are rarely happy with where they are. There is a real joy in learning new techniques for whatever instrument you are playing. What’s more, the more you play and practice with others, the better a musician you become in an all-round sense. In this article, we…
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