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PLUG: The (In)Complete Adventures of Sir Chuck

The (In)Complete Adventures of Sir Chuck I’ve run in some comic book circles over the years, and that means I’ve gotten to know a lot of people who have done their own comics. Many of these folks are far too talented for their own good, annoyingly so, and their work deserves to be seen. One of them is John Mietus. John did some excellent lettering on Pitched 1 and Pitched 2, but the fact is his quirky sense of humor doesn’t come out and play until you see his own work. The (In)Complete Adventures of Sir Chuck is many things, including a tome showcasing the growth and development of a comic creator — it begins when he was first starting and finishes when he’s developed…
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PLUG: The Work of Rick Lundeen

The Work of Rick Lundeen Rick Lundeen has been creating comics for years and years and years. Fact is, I can’t even begin to list them all. a storyboard artist by trade, Rick fills his spare time with self-published comics. He’s been doing it for a long time. He does science fiction, superheroes, fantasy stories, magical realism, and much more – and they’re always really damn good. He’s a brilliant storyteller and I can tell you from experience that he’s brimming with ideas. Forget about the fact that working with Rick has always been a pleasure (we also did this story together), I just plain like his work. .   My favorite is probably We Three Kings, an excellent dystopian story of corruption and rebellion….
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Did you forget about Pitched 2?

I may have grown up with the heavy burden of everlasting shame on my shoulders, but I’m not so full of shame that I can’t remind folks about awesome things like Pitched! 2: Seven More Stories, the excellent (if I do say so myself) comic anthology my collaborators and I dropped on the world last fall. I’ve already done plenty of blogging about it and have posted lots of early samples. Plus, if you surf over to my website you can see finished pages from great stories like Voice of the Universe (done in collaboration with Rick Lundeen) and Some Time With The Family (featuring artists Logan Reilly and James Pipik, and letterer John Mietus), just two stories created in collaboration with a group of…
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TELEVISION: The Walking Dead was overrated

I’m an unashamed geek and make no bones about it. I love geek stuff. Hell, I took part in co-writing a really great geek book. Proud to have my name attached to all things geek. But this needs to be said: AMC’s smash-hit television show The Walking Dead, while quite entertaining, was also highly, highly overrated by my geek brothers and sisters. Sorry, my geek brethren, but it’s true. We were so caught up in the thrill of getting something delightfully geeky that we elevated the show to a lofty status it has not yet earned. Now I’m not saying the show was bad. Far from it. I thought the casting was phenomenal, the writing was generally pretty good (though certainly not always), the acting…
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The Geeks: Stephen Segal

Geek Wisdom

So on Monday I announced my latest project. I also promised to introduce you to the four folks I’d be working alongside. You’ve met three. Last but not least in my countdown of co-geeks is our fearless leader. Multi-author projects don’t come together without someone leading the way. Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture is no exception. Thankfully, we’ve got a preeeetty good editor and coauthor heading up this project: Stephen Segal, who I’ve mentioned before. Stephen isn’t just a Huge award-winning editor and a damn fine writer, he’s also a terrifically nice guy. But let’s stick to the first part. I’ve worked with him before and couldn’t be happier to have him leading this project. He’s a writer’s editor, but more importantly…
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