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My new book comes out soon…

Hitchcock's Villains

… so that’s kind of cool. The follow-up to A Year of Hitchcock is due out in, damn, just a few weeks! Called Hitchcock’s Villains: Murders, Maniacs and Mother Issues, this collaboration with Jim McDevitt is a full exploration of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest villains, what makes them tick, the themes that drive the darkness in his movies, and of Hitchcock’s own psyche. I think it’s pretty great. This will be my fifth book, collaborative or otherwise, with a sixth hopefully coming out next year in ebook form via the Philadelphia Weekly. (That project is still up in the air.) The project has actually been in gestation for some time now, practically since A Year of Hitchcock was finished. Basking in the glow of finishing such…
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A Year of Hitchcock is on Kindle

I’ll be the first to admit that A Year of Hitchcock is not a cheap book. The (gorgeous) hardcover runs $40 to $50. Yeah, I’d love for you to buy one, but it’s not a small investment so I understand if you don’t. However, good news. Kindle version. And Nook version. And… It’s just $9.99. Yep, ten clams. That’s cheap. The book rocks. You should get it.

Hitchcock podcast in the final stretch

Well, we’re almost there. Way back in April 2009, Jim McDevitt and I started podcasting about Alfred Hitchcock. This should come as no surprise. We’re the coauthors of an awesome book, A Year of Hitchcock, which is, like, pretty good and stuff. The book was a serious but accessible look at the full body of work of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. I like it. I hope you get it and like it, too. (Honestly, at this point I assume you all follow us on Facebook, anyway.) To accompany the book, we decided to do a series of light-hearted, casual podcasts that followed the book chapter-for-chapter, and sometimes veered off into interview shows, topical shows, and so on. To be honest, we started off kind of…
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The Year of Hitchcock podcast is back!

After a long, fatigue-driven hiatus, Jim McDevitt and I finally got back behind the microphone two weekends ago and recorded all-new episodes of The Year of Hitchcock Podcast. We’re excited to say that we recorded enough episodes to release them every two weeks for the next few months. We’ll be discussing landmark films like Vertigo, The Birds, Psycho, and The Man Who Knew Too Much during this stretch of episodes. We initially began doing the podcast as a weekly companion to our book, A Year of Hitchcock (which will soon be available in softcover at a much lower price). Whereas the book is approachable but serious, accessible to casual fans but also worthwhile for Hitchcock aficionados, the podcasts quickly became looser, more casual, more irreverent,…
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A midnight visit from the Vampyr

Surprise! It’s midnight on Halloween. You thought my week o’ public domain horror films was over with Night of the Living Dead. You were wrong. Director Carl Dreyer directed one of the great films of all time, The Passion of Joan of Arc, which I once called “a blessing to the world of cinema.” Four years later he would direct Vampyr, a ghostly, ostentatious, bold, experimental film. It’s dark and slow and brooding and moody and forgoes an engrossing story in exchange for an engrossing atmosphere. Twilight this ain’t. Happy midnight. Enjoy the film. (I’ve changed the embedded video to links so this page loads faster): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Read more about…
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