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X-Men: Days of Future Past is super great

This is. The last one, and my marathon is over. Happily, we’re ending with a good ‘en: X-Men: Days of Future Past What do you get when you mix a nonsensical script, high school level acting, dodgy made-for-TV special effects, and a ridiculously sluggish, sleep-inducing pace? Not Days of Future Past, which is neck and neck with X2 as the best of the seven-film X saga. I mean, what DOESN’T this thing get right? It opens with a bang, showcasing a grim dystopian future and wickedly creative use of mutie powers, plus gruesome mutie death. Logan is quickly sent back in time and the plot is instantly surging along. Unlike flicks like X-Men, Origins and The Wolverine, Days of Future Past knows where it’s going…
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The Wolverine: The one that doesn’t suck (as much)

Another day, another X-movie. By now you should know the drill, so let’s go: The Wolverine (unrated extended edition) Poor wittle Wulberine’s heart is broken because he stabbed his crush to death, then a Quirky Asian Girl shows up and brings him to Japan, where he fights ninjas and sleeps with gorgeous women. This second Wolverine movie is a huge upgrade from the first insomuch as it’s not a colossal pile of excrement. In fact, there is a lot to like here. Exploring the thread’s of Jean’s death was a good choice. Gettin into Logan’s adventures in Japan was a great choice. The tone is somber and moody and pretty much on point. Great acting by Jackman. Ninjas! Suppressing his powers was a total plot…
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X-Men: The Last Stand is way better than you think

I’m re-watching all the X movies in chronological order, but all you need to know is that I am going to talk about this movie: X-Men: The Last Stand Sometimes when you revisit a bunch of stuff you haven’t seen in a while in a “re-examination” kind of way, your eyes are opened to things you hadn’t seen before and your opinion changes. Other times, your existing views end up being reinforced with even greater strength. When it comes to X-Men: The Last Stand, it’s the latter — and that seems to put me in the minority The movie is often trashed, but I feel like it’s trashed for the wrong reasons. Ardent fans hate it because it didn’t do Dark Phoenix right, because of…
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X2: X-Men United is as good as you remember

I probably made some post somewhere saying that I’m watching all the X-Men movies in chronological order and will comment and stuff and whatever and stuff. True story! Though don’t expect in-depth reviews or commentary, because that’s not what I’m doing here. Also, these assume you know the movies well, so I don’t bother with a summary or synopsis or whatever, and here is more: X2: X-Men United This is more like it! X2 is everything the first movie is not. It’s smarter, it’s more finely honed, it’s more exciting, it has more emotion, it has a better narrative, better use of powers, better setpieces, and so on. Maddeningly, X2’s strength is highly reliant on the first movie, so you kind of HAVE to take…
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X-Men, the movie that started it all (but that isn’t as good as you think)

Somewhere I posted about the fact that over the next seven days I am posting about the X-Men movies, and am doing so in chronological order rather than release order. Look for that, then read: X-Men (aka the first one) While there are arguably a few other contenders, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the 2000 film X-Men ushered in the modern era of superhero movies. Without it, we wouldn’t have flicks like the Avengers. So from an historical perspective, it’s a noteworthy film in the genre. It’s a genuine LANDMARK for the genre, and for that it deserves credit and respect. From an entertainment perspective, on the other hand, it’s looking a bit sluggish these days. Though there are some excellent initial…
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