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X-Men, the movie that started it all (but that isn’t as good as you think)

Somewhere I posted about the fact that over the next seven days I am posting about the X-Men movies, and am doing so in chronological order rather than release order. Look for that, then read: X-Men (aka the first one) While there are arguably a few other contenders, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the 2000 film X-Men ushered in the modern era of superhero movies. Without it, we wouldn’t have flicks like the Avengers. So from an historical perspective, it’s a noteworthy film in the genre. It’s a genuine LANDMARK for the genre, and for that it deserves credit and respect. From an entertainment perspective, on the other hand, it’s looking a bit sluggish these days. Though there are some excellent initial…
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and why it’s worse than bad parking

In some post I can’t be bothered to link to, I pointed out that all week I am going to be re-watching and reviewing the X-Movies, so now you know what this is and here we go. Oh, and this assumes you have seen them before, so SPOILERS. Oh 2, I’m going to breeze through this one, especially since it sucks: X-Men Origins: Wolverine My enduring memory of this was pretty bad, so I was interested to see if perhaps I was being a little unfair and if memory and reality would end up being in conflict. Nope. It really is as a bad as I remembered. I don’t even know where to begin. Even if you ignore the cringe-inducing dialogue, terrible story and ham-fisted…
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X-Men: First Class, and it is good (not great) but very. Good.

My X marathon begins! And for what it’s worth, I’m starting pretty shallow, with some lightweight comments and such. Totally mailing it in for the first few movies. The reason is because I am. Seriously. Ripping this one out because in truth what people REALLY want is to know why I think you’re dumb for insulting The Last Stand. So to get the obvious stuff out of the way, First Class is close to impeccable. Marred only by writing that is too wink wink nudge nudge, it’s got pretty much everything you want from a good mutant movie. Pathos. Humanity. Thrilling action. Creative use of powers (the most creative of all seven X flicks, actually). A relatively smart plot. An awesome finale. Etc. Plus it…
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Revisiting the X-Men flick: 7-film marathon time!

I grew up a comic book geek (among other things). Growing up a geek has shaped and molded me in ways I’m still discovering today, some of them good, some of them not so much. As an adult, I remain unashamed of my geekdom, and that is likely to be the case until I die of old age at 53. All of this means I’m about to take something silly way too seriously. And I am. You’d better bet your damn life on it. This is a long-winded, pointless, unnecessary way to say that over the next seven days I’m going to watch and review/comment on/post about the X movies. For the uninitiated, that translates to “movies in which Hugh Jackman disrobes and shows off…
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Spielberg Knows What He’s Doing. You Don’t.

Okay, first off, that headline is needless antagonistic. I acknowledge it. Forgive me. I’m listening to punk as I write this. It just seems to fit my mood. Anyway, prompted by Steven Soderbergh’s interesting recasting of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the other day I was daydreaming and my mind wandered to action scenes in films, specifically why some sprawling action set pieces work and some don’t. The Star Wars prequels were at the forefront of my mind at the time, but it led to a train of thought that is relevant to action movies in general. Now keep in mind, I’m a big Star Wars fan, but not one of THOSE Star Wars fans. Saw the original in a shitty little theater as a…
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