Alfred Hitchcock

Mixing up the Alfred Hitchcock podcast

In case you aren’t aware, I co-host and produce a weekly podcast devoted to the films of Alfred Hitchcock. It’s a fun, more casual extension of the book I co-authored with my friend Jim McDevitt, A Year of Hitchcock: 52 Weeks with the Master of Suspense. For this week’s episode (mp3 format) we tried something a little different. Instead of discussing one of Hitchcock’s films, we took a listener question and used that as a launching point to just … well, talk. It was an enjoyable change of pace and we hope people like it, because if they do, we’ll be doing more like this. After spending so many days of my life on the “Year of Hitchcock” project, it was great to just talk…
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(Not quite) a year with Hitchcock

When Jim and I set out in late 2005 to watch every Hitchcock film in a year and write about them all, we didn’t give much thought to whether it had been done before. It just seemed like an exciting project to try, so we did it — an early and incomplete draft ran as a series of popular weekly features on before we pulled it offline to concentrate on the book — and it was a lot of work, and we persevered, and it became a book. A happy ending to our story. It wasn’t until much later that we realized others had later attempted to do the same. Seeing how those projects panned out is always interesting. We recently came across A Year…
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Inspiring readers is awesome

Jim McDevitt, my co-author on A Year of Hitchcock, occasionally posts to the Hitchcock Wiki’s message board. One of the other posters there is now taking a journey through Hitchcock’s career just as we did. Even better, he is using our book as a guide. How great is that? It’s wonderfully gratifying to know that your work is being read, used and enjoyed by someone. It’s even BETTER to know that you’ve inspired them to take the same journey. Check out his viewing and reading experience in this thread.

Hitchcock: The Sequel

Jim and I are working on the follow-up to A Year of Hitchcock. We can’t say much about it at the moment other than that it’s in progress and is also an Alfred Hitchcock book. A full book proposal is written — if you recall my How I Got Published posts you recall what they are — and the book is outlined. We are currently in the research stage and expect to begin writing the first chapter in the days ahead. This one is going to be focused on a specific topic, an in-depth look at an aspect of Hitchcock’s films we find particularly compelling. The idea sprang directly from the commentary in A Year of Hitchcock. So, watch this spot, check our website, and…
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