Stuff Every Groom Should Know

Stuff Every Groom Should KnowPart of Quirk Books' Pocket Books series, Groom picks up where books like Stuff Every Husband Should Know left off, offering a fun array of tips, checklists, advice, step-by-step instructions, and more about what it takes to be a groom who doesn't suck. Even better, this tiny little hardcover is less than 10 bucks.

Yeah, that's awesome. But I'm not good with marketing speak, so let me turn it over to Quirk's summary:

"From breaking the news to your friends to planning the ultimate bachelor party to melting cold feet, this pocket-sized manual is packed with tips to get smoothly from “yes!” to “I do.” Plus lists, dos and don’ts, and reference charts that make this stylish handbook the perfect gift for guys about to tie the knot.


• How to Budget for a Wedding
• How to Choose the Best Best Man
• How to Pick the Perfect Tux
• How to Write Your Own Vows
• How to Survive Your Bachelor Party

Plus tips on building a guest list, suggestions for stress-free receptions, advice on dealing with your new in-laws, and much, much more!”

Cool, right? So dig it. Get it. Read it. Buy it for your boyfriend or husband or father or grandfather or friend’s husband or whoever. Stuff Every Groom Should Know was published by Quirk Books in April 2015.


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Praise for Stuff Every Groom Should Know

"Eric San Juan does a great job in keeping the book clean and clear enough that it isn't heavy lecturing reading. There is also a lightheartedness to the pages while a brotherly tone that makes for fast reading since it is like he is in the same room and sharing with you, which in a sense you can say he is, but at a pace that doesn't seem like it's hurried." - Julia Brumfield, Goodreads

"The information and advice it contains is helpful across the board and can easily translate to others. The enjoyable writing style here made me want to look up the author to see what else he'd written." - Goodreads

"Despite not being a groom, most of these simple tips could help a man in any type of relationship. I could see this as being a good gift for any man thinking of marriage in the near future ." - Jeffrey Fossi, Goodreads