Bigfoot in New Jersey?

bigfootIt goes without saying that I have an interest in the New Jersey lore and history. You don’t tackle a book like Lakehurst: Barrens, Blimps & Barons without a strong interest in what goes on off the beaten path here in the Garden State.

I especially like the odd, offbeat stuff you’ll find in legendary local magazines like Weird NJ or in regional classics like The Jersey Devil (a book I’ve probably read four times). Folks outside the state only seem to know the stretch between New York and Newark airport, but those of us in the state know New Jersey has a healthy dose of weirdness.

Which brings me to Bigfoot in the New Jersey ‘Burbs, a new book by William Taylor that delves into — you guessed it — Bigfoot sightings in the Garden State. And yes, Bigfoot has been sighted in New Jersey. More times than you’d imagine, in fact. Taylor’s book is a breezy, enjoyable read, taking the subject matter seriously enough so that it doesn’t come across as one big joke but not taking it so seriously that you’re rolling your eyes the entire time. Instead, he simply sets out to share the stories of people who think they saw something that wasn’t quite human.

If you’re into the odd side of New Jersey, or if you enjoy Bigfoot lore, this book gets a recommendation from me. I’ve been paging through it for the last few days and have found it to be a great read.

(Full disclosure: I am quoted in the book. Though not a Bigfoot believer myself, at least not when it comes to New Jersey, I shared some stories from my youth in a discussion forum devoted to the Pine Barrens. The author asked if he could quote them, and naturally I said yes. That means the book has a Lakehurst connection!)

Bigfoot in the New Jersey ‘Burbs is currently available for Kindle, and print editions should be available soon. Follow the book on Facebook for updates on availability.